Wanted to share this…

by GettingFreedom on October 8, 2008

I love music. Really really love music.

Always have. It pumps through my veins.

Anyway, sometimes there is a song that just hits me. I could listen to it over and over. And over again until another one comes along. Well, I’ve been stuck on one lately, and I just had to share it.

It is by TobyMac and is called “Lose My Soul”. I searched for an actual music video of it and couldn’t find one, so this one from GodTube will have to do. It is from a live performance that he did.

Anyway, personally I find it very relavent in our society today. And just a good thing to remember in day to day life. And it is too cute to hear my kiddos belt this out at the top of their lungs as we are driving down the road.

TobyMac rocks by the way!!

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