Walgreen’s Trip 10/25

by GettingFreedom on October 25, 2008

Since I had to run back to the “big” town to get the things WalMart forgot to give me yesterday, I decided to make a mad dash back into Walgreens. I realized last night as I was looking over my rebates that I never bought the FAR L’Oreal Cleaser. I had to have it!

Kaitlyn insisted on being in the picture!

(4) 12 pk Pepsi products 4/$12
L’Oreal Cleanser $6.99
St. Ives Cleanser $4.99
Benefiber Stick Pack $4.99

Coupons Used
$2 St. Ives IP FP: $2.99
$2 off Any Benefiber FP: $2.99 (I was so stoked by my deals, until I started looking over the receipt. First off, they were out of the Strawberry Kiwi Stick Packs, but the BA said that she would give the regular one the same price as the SK, plus price modify to show the $5 ESQ since it wouldn’t scan. I should have know that it was too good to be true! The FP should have been .99!)
Paid w/$8 RR.
My total was $5..52 and I used $5 from the Pert back to school Rebate that I got in the mail this week.
OOP: .52
RR Earned: $5 from St. Ives, $2 from Pepsi
MIR: $7.69 from L’Oreal Cleanser (this includes the 10% bonus)

So, even after the Benefiber mess up…it was still a $7 and change moneymaker!
I don’t know if I did the percent saved right on this one…but I came up with 120%. Wow!

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