Wal-Mart Trip

by GettingFreedom on December 5, 2008

I needed to grab some sour cream while I was in town yesterday and I figured I might as well use some coupons up while I was at it!
(2) Kelloggs Cereal (both had a Guitar Hero toy in them for the boys) $3.32/ea
(2) Glade Holiday Candle Holders $2/ea** story below
(4) Oil Refills $2/ea
(2) Goody Ouchless Elastics $2.06/ea (I have no idea why these rung up $2.06 and the others higher..they were ALL marked $2.18)
(2) Goody Ouchless Elastics $2.18/ea
(2) Jingle Bells $1.96/ea (Kait needs these for school)
Christmas Ribbon (for hairbows) $2.97
Sour Cream $1.12 (I didn’t realize this until just now…this was suppossed to be .77!!!! Gah! Wal-Mart infuriates me! Nothing rings up the right price!)
Socks for Nik $3.66
Vanilla .98
not pictured
Choc Covered Cherries $1.94
Before Coupons: $41.31
Coupons Used:
(2) $1 Kelloggs
(4) $2 Goody Ouchless
(2) $2 Glade Candle Holder
(2) $2/2 Glade Oil Refills
After Tax: $24.69
59% savings
So, here’s the story behind the candle holders…
I almost left without them because I couldn’t find them anywhere. I was upset because I have, oh like 10 coupons!! I found an associate and asked her if they had ANY holders (they didn’t even have any w/candles) she told me they were out. As I was walking away, she caught me and said she noticed some on the very top. They were the ones w/candles and were over $7. Um, no. I asked her for JUST the holders and she told me they don’t even exist!!! I told her that last week I bought 2 from an end cap, so I knew they existed, I just wanted know it they still had them. She was adamant that they were refills, NOT the holders. Okay, whatever. She went back to what she was doing on the aisle over, and I got to peeking at the top shelf. Lo’ and behold…there were 2 holder ONLY!!!! Hmmm…so much for not existing!! Sometimes it comes in REAL handy to be 5’11″!
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