Vanilla Syrup

by GettingFreedom on January 12, 2009

Kristin reminded me that I never have posted my recipe for Vanilla Syrup. Sorry!

I actually cannot take full credit for it. I’ve made my own maple syrup for quite some time, but Gayle mentioned that when she makes hers, she would sometimes substistute vanilla in for the maple. Let me tell you, we actually prefer it to maple.

It is SO good!

There are numerous different ways to actually make the syrup, but this is how I do mine:

Maple or Vanilla Syrup

4 c. white sugar (.60)
1/2 c brown sugar (.09)
2 c water
2 tsp either maple or vanilla extract.

In a saucepan combine the sugars and the water. Heat on medium until all the sugars are dissolved. Once dissolved, add extract. Stir until combined and heat for about 1 minute longer. Serve.
You are looking at about .70 for homemade awesomeness for your pancakes/waffles/french toast. We actually used some leftovers for a super sugary treat a couple weeks ago. We toasted some bread, added brown sugar/cinnamon mix and topped with the vanilla syrup. Oh my word! It was great. (This price is for full priced sugars. If you were to get them on sale your price would even be cheaper)
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