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by GettingFreedom on March 27, 2009

I’m not a fan of wasting things. As a matter of fact, my daughter made a comment at dinner other night, she said “Yeah, we all know we’re not allowed to waste in this house!”. I had to laugh–but you know, I think it is important for that thought to be instilled in them.

One thing that has always kind of gotten to me, was draining off canned goods. I’ve always drained them off right into the sink, because that is what my mom has always done.

Did you know that is the same as pouring your money down the drain? You paid for that!

  • When you buy canned veggies, save that juice to use later in place of veggie broth. Definitely cheaper, as they charge an arm and a leg veggie broth at the grocery store! One can should grant you right around 1 cup of broth.

  • Mushroom juice is perfect to use for your very own cream of mushroom soup.

  • The juice from canned chicken can also be used for cream of chicken soup, or for a quick substititue to chicken broth. When you need to cook chicken for a dish, boil it and save that water for chicken broth as well.

  • If you buy canned fruit, save the fruit juice to make jello. Or you can pour it into ice cube trays and add to a punch bowl for a party. For added flair, you can also use fruit juice when making a cake mix–just put in the place of the water. Or just heat it up with water and pour over the top of a cake in the place of icing. What about popscicles?

  • For dinner this evening I saved the juice from Ro-Tel and marinated my (leftover)chicken in it to give it added flavor and heated it up on the stove and later added it to our dish. Truly goes to show, you can use it all!

What ideas do you have for using it all?

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