by GettingFreedom on June 18, 2008

Things have been seriously nuts around here for the last week or so. I have to say this has been the craziest summer to date! We have went on four “road trips” well over 200 miles round trip in the last week! I’m ready for things to slow down a bit and for us to be able to enjoy each other and summer.
However..I have had more mom time in the last week than I probably have ever had since birthing my oldest whom is almost 8. My mother-in-law is awesome and she kept all three of the kids for us for 3 days. They were only home for 2 days, and I left for a womens convention that I attend every year. I felt horrible for leaving them..but this convention always leaves me so uplifted and in a much better place spiritually. God is such an awesome God!
Anyway, due to all the craziness on this end I really haven’t had much time at all to plan my menus or my shopping list. My re-decication to couponing really hasn’t been able to be much of a focus. I’m itching to make it to Walgreen’s. I’ve heard of all the great deals..some even money makers, but haven’t been able to set the time aside. I’m so happy to say that Friday IS my day. Nothing is going to stand in my way. Even without having any form of plan over the last week and a half I am proud to annouce that I have still saved right under $30 using coupons!!! This is stuff that we would have bought anyway..not just stuff I bought to use my coupons. My husband thought I was kinda going crazy over all the coupons and deals until I told him just how much I have saved.
This has been on my mind a ton over the last month or so so I feel as if I need to share it. Last year through our church we did Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. It has been such a blessing to us…I can’t even put it into words. FPU comes with incredibly high recommendations from us. With this program we actually see light at the end of the debt tunnel..and are so incredibly close to being debt free. I can’t even fathom how it will feel the day I make my last payment! Through this program we have been able to save $2000 (although currently we only have $1600 in our emergency fund due to unexpected junk), pay off $6000 in credit card debt, and close to $1000 in medical bills. We started this program in September and right up until this point we thought we had nothing. Basically what it amounted to was that we were the farthest thing from good stewards of the money that we were blessed with and we had no real direction. I have been at SAHM for 4 years now, and it was almost as if we were still living as if we had both incomes. We have had no real change in our income since we started FPU, we just started to follow Dave’s advise. Funny part about it is that his ideas are nothing out of the ordinary…common sense if you will. Anyway…it is worth looking into! Visit his site now……

Proverbs 22:7, “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave of the lender” (NRSV).

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