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Save Your Pop Tabs!

by GettingFreedom on July 13, 2010

As a family we would really like to recycle, but living in the country in a rural area makes it rather difficult.  When we had Blake, we stumbled upon a new opportunity for us to recycle (in a small way) and actually make a difference (well, in addition to keeping the additional trash out of the landfills).

Saving our Pop Tabs, and getting our friends and family to do the same.

How does this help??

Every pop tab makes a difference to the Ronald McDonald House.

The Ronald McDonald House is near and dear to my heart, after having lived there for 2 weeks last month while Blake was in the NICU in the City.  I’ve always heard of them, and I’ve even seen the donation boxes at various McDonald’s restaurants–but I had no clue what all they did until I needed them.  They truly are the House that Love Built, and they are a home away from home for dozens of families with hospitalized children.  When you enter their doors, all your cares, stresses and fears disappear for a bit while you are able to relate to other families going through similar situations.  Families have their own private bedroom, children have a big playroom, and volunteers come in nightly to prepare dinner.  All of this, and more, for a small nightly donation (in our case $7/night)–however no family is turned away for not being able to pay.

The RMH operates primarily on donations and volunteers, so every little thing is a big deal. Nothing is too small, even a pop tab.

The Ronald McDonald House freely gives this cute little boxes out to whoever wants one so they can fill it up with pop-tabs and bring it in.  (You don’t have to use their box, you can use any container you want).  From there, the RMH takes the pop tabs to a local recycling center and the money goes directly back to the house.  We do not drink very much soda/pop, so it may take 10 years to fill our little house

If you aren’t big soda drinkers, but know someone who is–pick up a box, or two and get to collecting those pop tabs! Why not put one in your break room at work?  Or the teacher work room at school?

Don’t want to mess with pop-tabs? There are other ways you can help out the Ronald McDonald House in your area.  Go here to find out how!

Supporting the Ronald McDonald House Works For Me! (and my family!) :)

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