Goals For the New Year

by GettingFreedom on January 4, 2013

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Oh 2012, where did you go?  I can’t believe we’re already almost a week into 2013!  Back in 2000 I remember thinking of this year as one so far off.  Odd that I remember that, but that was the same year I gave birth to my first child and I was thinking of what life would be like when he was 13.  Now that that moment is almost here, I don’t even want to talk about it!

Anyway, as I do every year, I like to take a look back on the previous year and set new goals for the new year.  I find that goals are easier for me to stick to than just a simple resolution.  Looking back on 2012 proves that we were able to Regroup, as I had hoped, but not to the extent that I wanted.  Dealing with probate court and the foreclosure and eventual selling of my parents’ estate proved to be far harder than anything I ever expected.  I found myself depressed through the months I had to handle probate business, although it wasn’t something I admitted to myself at the time.  While we’re still not finished, we’re in the home stretch {I hope!}, so it should be behind us soon.

You’ll notice that my goal list for this year is rather similar to that of last year.  While I do feel as if we accomplished a lot last year {especially in the relationship and faith department}–the last quarter of 2012 was very hard and little got accomplished.  We weren’t quite to Survival Mode, but we were close.

Here’s to a smooth 2013!

Spiritual Goals

  • Make reading the Word more of a priority, instead of the thing that gets pushed aside on a busy morning.
  • Follow through with the Soul Sisters group I created.

Relationship Goals


  • Continue to find ways to be my husbands help meet.
  • Make Date Nights more of a priority.


  • Patience!
  • Understanding.  This was on my list last year as well.  As I mentioned earlier, our oldest will be a teenager this year {!} and our daughter is close behind.  I’m praying that through this year I’m understanding of their struggles and that I’m able to offer grace.


Financial Goals

  • Replenish Emergency Fund.
  • Fund our Health Fund.  This is for our yearly deductibles.  It’ll be in there for when we need it.
  • Stay on Top of the Monthly Cash Flow Sheets Again, with lots of real life in our way–these were pushed to the side frequently–and our finances are proof.  These are so important to financial success!

Home Goals

  • Landscaping. We scored tons of great plants and shrubs at a landscaping business liquidation auction in the fall.  We’re anxious to pretty up our yard!
  • Outdoor Projects.  We haven’t finalized our list yet, but we have a few projects that we really hope to accomplish this year.

Gardening/Food Storage/Cooking

This is our biggest overall goal this year.  Striving closer to self sufficiency is important to us.

  • Get all our our seedlings started by the beginning of February
  • Finish up our Seedling Starting Area We finished half of it, now to do the other half.
  • Continue work on our Permanent Beds.
  • Re-plant Orchard. {The deer and our horses killed our last one. :( }
  • Chickens/Cows/Pigs Galore  We weren’t able to do this last year–but, we’ve made it more of a priority with the rising costs {and lower quality!} of meat/eggs.
  • Can/Freeze all {or at least the majority} of our Vegetables/Fruit for the winter.

Personal Goals

  • Lose 4 Kids worth of baby weightIt’s time for me now.
  • Make More Time for Reading.
  • Create {and stick to!} a daily schedule.  The last few years I’ve gotten out of this, and I’ve noticed a negative difference.
  • Reach more People.  Teaching the Savings Nation Classes has been a huge blessing to me over the last few months. I hope to reach more people this year, not only through the classes, but through the blog, too.


Are you a goal setter?  You can find Goal Planning Worksheets in the Home Management Binder.

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