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DIY Patriotic Wreath for Under $5!

by GettingFreedom on June 24, 2013

I’m a sucker for wreaths. I don’t know what it is about them, but I love them and I just can’t have enough of them!

Pair my wreath obsession with my favorite holiday, July 4th, and we’ve got a situation! I stumbled upon a DIY Patriotic Wreath from TidyMom.net and I knew that I had to make one myself.

The good thing about it? It literally only cost me $4!


Here’s what you need::

  • Old Wire Hanger
  • Pliers
  • Blue, White, and Red Tablecloths (get these from Dollar Tree or Dollar General).
  • Scissors
  • Optional Embellishments.   I used a Red, White and Blue Garland from the Dollar Tree.

Start out by undoing the twisted hook on your metal hanger.  Straighten out the bends.

Form it into a circle shape, and twist it back onto itself using the pliers.

Partially unfold the tablecloth, keeping it folded in half.  Cut the fold.

This will leave you with a 6″ or so wide piece with a fold on the side, cut the fold.

Fold this piece in half, and cut the fold again. Continue to do this until you end up with 2-3 inch wide strips.

Repeat this process with the red, white and blue tablecloths.

Starting with the red tablecloth, grab two strips at a time and tie into a knot onto your wire circle.  Continue to tie them on until you get 36 red strips.

Next, tie on the blue strips.  Again, grab two at a time and tie on a total of 21 toward the left side of your circle.

Now it’s time to start tying on the white.  To do this, I separated the red into 6 sections of 6.  Then I (again, using 2 at a time) tied on 6 white strips in between the red sections.

When I got to the blue section, I separated it into sections of 3 and tied 1 white in between each.


If desired you can add embellishments, such as  foam stars or star garland.

Using the same concept, my daughter made one for her bedroom door.  For her DIY Patriotic Wreath she chose to alternate between the red, white and blue strips instead of creating a flag-like patriotic wreath.  I think it turned out perfect!

We were able to create both patriotic wreaths, and still have plenty to make a couple more, for less than $5!




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Extra! Extra! Read All About It! {June 30th}

by GettingFreedom on June 30, 2012

Post image for Extra! Extra! Read All About It! {June 30th}

I know that July 4th is right around the corner, but if you’re like me you’re a professional procrastinator.  If you’re looking for some last minute ideas–here’s a few to get your creative juices flowing!



4th of July Decor using Beans–I’m definitely doing this!

Patriotic Tin Can Windsock–Great project for the kids!



“Woven” Patriotic Tabletop–So easy, and frugal–but makes a big statement!

Red, White, and Blue Jello Salad

Tie Dye Bunting–My heart just went pitter pat.  :)


Check out my Patriotic Pinterest Board for more inspiration.

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