Home Management Binder

Would you like the solution to having your to-do lists, menu plans, financial sheets and everything else all in one place?  Then the Home Management Binder is your solution! It comes packed with everything from a To-Do List to Financial Planning Sheets to Master Grocery Lists to Goal Worksheets.  It even includes calendar pages so you know what’s going on with just a glance!

Here’s what is included in 37 page download::

  • Monthly Calendar Pages
  • Master Menu Plan List
  • Weekly Menu Plan {Sneak Peek!}
  • Master Grocery List
  • Blank Grocery List Sheets
  • Pantry Staples List
  • To-Do Lists
  • Monthly Cash Flow Plan
  • Debt Snowball Sheet
  • Bill Payment Schedule
  • Goal Worksheets
  • House Cleaning Lists
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist
  • Fall Cleaning Checklist
  • Comprehensive Home Maintenance Checklist

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With this downnload, you are able to print out as many of each sheet as you need. From there, you can either 3 hole punch it to place into your own 3 ring binder.  Or you can take it to your local office store {such as UPS or Staples} and have them spiral bind it for only a couple of dollars.  With the sprial binding, you are able to take the notebook with you with ease.  Since it’s bound all at once, and not easily added to–I suggest that you have the office store that you choose to bind it, copy off the additional sheets that you may need.  Copying off on front and back will also save you on binding costs, since there are less pages to bind.

Print Off Suggestions::

  • Weekly Menu Plan:: 26 front and back
  • Grocery Lists:: 12 front and back {write out your grocery list as you make your menu plan–all in one place!  Tear out before you leave–or take with you in your own spiral bound notebook!}
  • Daily to Do Lists:: 70 sheets front and back.  This allows for 350 days of to-do lists.
  • Monthly Cash Flow Plan:: 6 Sheets front and back.
  • Debt Snowball Sheet:: Front and Back



How to Use the Home Management Binder

You are able to customize your own Home Management Binder.  No two houses run the same!  Most of the pages included in the Home Management Binder are pretty self explanatory.  However a couple of them may be new to you. 

Master Menu Plan List

This sheet is categorized by type of Main Dish.  For instance, Pork, Beef, Meatless, Soups, etc.  From there, you are able to add in the regular meals that you and your family eat–including a side dish and grain.  This will help you whip through your weekly meal planning and make it a cinch to plan meals in your absence.  These are your fall back meals, your family favorites and your most requested meals.  It also works hand in hand with Master Grocery List.

Master Grocery List

Do you like to keep a regular amount of items in your stockpile in case of emergency–or to avoid the “I forgot to add _____ to my grocery list”?  Since our grocery budget is the easiest to cut–it we’re tight on funds for the month, I use the extra in my pantry to create meals and lower our grocery budget for the month. The Master Grocery List is designed to work hand in hand with the Master Menu Plan List. Now you no longer have to have a mental note of how many you like to keep on hand to make your most requested meals!  With a quick glance at your freezer inventory or in your pantry, you can easily create your grocery list.  This list is also broken up into specific categories and ready for you to fill it in!

Monthly Cash Flow Plan

Keep track of your all of your monthly expenses all in one spot!  There’s specific categories for every expense, with room to fill in your own.  This makes it simple for you to zero-out your budget and know exactly where your finances stand on a monthly basis.

Debt Snowball Sheet

Have debt?!  This sheet gives you a spot to write in all of your debtors, their balance {along with a date so you know how current it is}, and the current payment amount.  When your Monthly Cash Flow Sheet shows a positve difference, this amount goes into the first “Snowball Amount” slot.  As you pay off your debts, you grow your snowball amount by adding the previous snowball to the debt payment and entering it into the next slot.  Have fun watching your Debt Snowball grow and pay off your debt all at the same time!

Bill Payment Schedule

Have a hard time keeping track of all of your bill due dates?  Use the Bill Payment Schedule to keep track.  This also makes it easy for every member of the family to stay in the know.

Various Cleaning Lists

It’s hard to remember what to do when or when the last time you completed a seasonal or quarterly task {or if you remember to do it at all!}.  These sheets come pre-filled with many regular household tasks and maintenence chores–but with plenty of space to add in your own.



 Find Freedom Through Organization today!  

 $8.95  $5.oo

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