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Frugal Gardening 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Vegetable Gardening Without Breaking the Bank is a 50 page guide that is out to prove that vegetable gardening doesn’t have to be expensive.  My passion shines through this book as I walk you through the steps.  Starting at “Why” and taking you through starting your garden, preparing your gardening area, how to fight pests organically, organic weed control options, gardening in small places, and so much more!  You can see a sneak peek at the Table of Contents here.

Frugal Gardening 101 even includes plans to build your own potting table, making your own trellis, and an organic fertilizer recipe–using ingredients you have on hand right now!

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Home Management Binder:: Finding Freedom Through Organization  Your solution to having it all in one place!  It comes packed with everything from a To-Do List to Financial Planning Sheets to Master Grocery Lists to Goal Worksheets.  It even includes calendar pages so you know what’s going on with just a glance!

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