by GettingFreedom on April 17, 2009

I think that Spring has decided to taunt me. It’s warm, and then it’s cold, or so windy that when you step outside you just about float away. This has been making it somewhat difficult for me to accomplish anything worthy in the garden.

For my area, my last average frost date is April 18th (which is tomorrow), but I’m almost reluctant to do much until around May 1st. I’m saying that waiting will get me, though and I’ll be planting up a storm come next week!

My seedlings are all coming along nicely, except for the fact that about 20 of them were eaten by a crazy critter in my greenhouse! Oh man was I livid! My edible chrysanthemums, that were getting really big–they are no more. I seriously wanted to cry, but I didn’t. In addition to those 6 plants, Mr. Mean Mouse got a couple of my Golden Cal Peppers, some Giant Cockscomb, Aster, Nasturtium, and he ate some seeds.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but we moved everything inside and set up a trap to catch him. I’ve been terrified to go out there for about a week now–and I miss it! Thankfully we caught him, but now I have to figure out where he was coming in so that I can avoid this.

In the garden my onions are thriving, as well as my lettuces (Arugula, Black Seeded Simpson, and Cimmaron), strawberries and potatoes! My spinach has barely started to come up, and I’ve started to worry about my cauliflower and broccoli. I’ve not seen anything!

We also finally got around to planting our fruit trees and one of our blueberry bushes. We should actually get a small harvest off of our blueberries this year, and I’m anxious. Even a small harvest will save me off of my grocery bill.

In the next few weeks, I will be finishing up the garden beds and get ready to be busy as ever planting away. The carrots must go in (I’m late, but the wind has just been atrocious!), then the tomatoes, green beans, cabbage…and many others!

I can’t help but wonder everytime I’m messing around with my garden, just how much this work will end up saving me in the long run. It never fails to amaze me how one seed can produce food for my family to eat–at a very minimal cost. I look forward to our savings!

How are your garden plans coming along?

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