Spring Cleaning the Home Office {14 Days to a Clean Home}

by GettingFreedom on March 26, 2013

Day Two of 14 Days to Clean Home is complete.  I have to tell you–I’m glad that I started with my Home Office because it was by far the worst room in my entire house!  I’m thankful to have the hard stuff behind me!

I’m using the plan outlined on the 14 Days to Clean Home Printable {don’t forget to download yours!}.

The plan for today was:

  • Declutter top of desk. Wipe everything down.
  • Get rid of overused office supplies and re-stock.
  • Go through files and toss old papers.
  • Delete old files from computer.
  • Transfer pictures to CD or Flash Drive.
  • Clean off Bookshelf. Donate any old books/magazines.
  • Update Home Management Binder, Seasonal Binder {if needed}

I shared pictures of my home office before spring cleaning and now it’s time to reveal what my home office looks like now.  There are still some beautification things that I would like to do in this space–but this cleaning wasn’t about that.  It was all about getting the surfaces clean and organized, which is what I did. Shew.

Now that, my friends, is a different, more peaceful space!  Be sure to check out the before pictures if you haven’t seen them–they were B.A.D.

As for the checklist, I will admit that I was not able to go through my computer files or pictures.  Honestly, I think that is a task that I will tackle once this 14 Days to a Clean Home Series is through.

For the cleaning supplies, I solely used the Orange Oil Cleaner–which is one of my favorites.  I used it to wipe off the bookshelf, desk, and even the computer monitor and keyboard.  The light smell of citrus is a nice addition to this newly clean space!  While I’ve never done it before, I also used the Orange Oil Cleaner on my floors.  I simply sprayed it on, and wiped it away with my rag.  So easy!


How are you coming on your Spring Cleaning?  Don’t forget to check in on Jen and see how she’s coming along on cleaning her Home Office Space.

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