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by GettingFreedom on November 11, 2009

I’ve gotten out of posting my bi-weekly shopping trips basically due to the time involved in getting them posted. This week, however was one I felt was definitely worthy of showing off.

A few towns over is a discount grocery store, which is where I also buy my bulk goods. I try to get a lot of my produce there, as well as my spices and other baking essentials. This particular store is not a chain, and it carries mostly overstock and some expired foods. This is where you have to be careful and keep your eyes open.
I’m a very picky shopper, which I feel comes from my limited budget. I want to know what I am getting is the best deal around and something that I’m not going to regret buying later. A box that isn’t perfect isn’t going to bother me. However, lunch meat that is a month (or two) past date is not worth the price cut-unless I choose to feed it to my dog. Some things that I will buy past their date include cereal, granola bars, cream cheese, and frozen goods.
Yesterday this is what I picked up:

My table is so full, it is hard to see everything. I spent a total of about $90 for everything you see, and some things that are buried. Here are the highlights:

(6) Philadelphia Cream Cheese @ .50/ea

(4) Frozen Containers Strawberry Slices @ .75/ea

(4) Mexican Vanilla @ .50/ea

(6) Organic Vegetable/Marinara Pasta Dinners @ .49/ea (These are perfect for my 4yo’s lunches)

(2) Nutella @ $1.29/ea (Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever tried Nutella–I can’t believe I waited so long. So good!)

(4) Trail Mix @ .99/ea

(2) Aluminum Free Baking Powder @ .75/ea

Cornstarch .49

(5) Diced Ham @ .75/ea

Whole Fryer Chicken @ $2.50

Red Pears 4 for .19 cents!! (Using these for another Pear Oven Pancake. Yum!)

I went to the local grocer after this trip and got a few things I wasn’t able to get from the discount store. As you can see from the picture, I didn’t pick up much and I still spent $42!! Yikes!

Don’t forget about those discount grocery stores, they can bring big savings!

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