She Laughs

by GettingFreedom on May 27, 2011

My mother is my hero.

A few years ago, I never would have dreamed I would utter those words.  Sounds harsh, I know.  But our past hasn’t always been great.

That’s just it.  Our past.

Today, and actually since December, my mother has been fighting the battle of her life.  With far more dignity and grace than I ever could.

You see, my mom has Stage 4 cancer.  It originated in her lungs and  moved to her brain.  It wasn’t until the tumor in her brain started to impair her movement in her leg that she knew anything was wrong.  She really thought it was just a pinched nerve.

She’s been so positive through all of it.  Never really complaining that she was going through it–just ready for the day when it wasn’t her norm and she was able to volunteer at the local food pantry and free store again.

A few weekends ago we got the dreaded call on a Saturday morning that my mother was being transported to the city, by ambulance, for what seemed to be symptoms of a stroke.  We made arrangements for the kids, and we went and spent the day with her.  She had more swelling on her brain, which sent her right side back into tremors {this was a road she’d traveled a few times already}–but this time her speech went with it.

When her words won’t come out right, but instead form really weird and out of the blue sentences–she laughs.

My mom has lost her independency, her movement, her hair, and now her ability to communicate.  And yet…she still laughs.

Not as much the last few days.  Yet, she she still joyfully smiles and laughs.  And she does what her body will allow to make others laugh, too.

My mom, who used to have relatively long hair, decided to cut it as short as we could and donate what she could to Locks Of  Love, before it just randomly fell out from her chemo and radiation treatments.  After she got an infection in her skull, and they had to remove part of it, she had to wear a helmet when she was up and moving.  Mom thought that the helmet needed a “little something” and since you couldn’t see her hair–she decided we needed to add a hair piece to the top of it.  Just to be silly, and hopefully add some laughter to the moments that don’t seem laughable.

My mom is my hero.

{If you think of it, can you say a prayer for her.  Her platelets are low, so she’s been off chemo the last few weeks.  Her speech is getting a bit worse, and she’s beginning to get a bit frustrated that things are going as she planned.}

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