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by GettingFreedom on October 16, 2009

Binders are a great way to contain large amounts of information in one place, while keeping it easy to navigate. I use one for my recipes, my coupons, and to also contain my “brain” in my Home Management Binder.

Every year when it came time to plan a holiday, any of them, I found myself stressed out and forgetting where I placed an idea that I came across months before. I always had good intentions to be more organized, to start earlier, and to make this, and decorate with that. I even made little notes to myself, only to lose them before it came time to use them. Ever had that happen?

If binders work for everything else, why not for seasonal stuff?

Separate into 4 basic sections using dividers: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. I’ve found that I prefer attaching the divider labels to clear page protectors.

In each basic section I like to include a list of things that I need to do to prepare for that season. For instance, to prepare for fall, I had to take our bins out of the storage shed to do our clothing swap, and get our sweaters, coats/gloves/hats. I do the same thing to prepare for Spring/Summer–I take the bins out to get all of our river/lake/swimming gear, as well as shorts and tanks. Also in this list, I might include some special cleaning that I would like to include. For instance, to prepare for Winter, I will need to make sure that all the yard tools are put up and all of my seed starting containers are ready to start seeds. Another great thing to write here, are things that always come around that time of year, that may normally sneak up on you ie; sports, school starting, your favorite festivals/fairs/events, etc.

Then the fun part begins! Organizing all of your ideas.

  • When you come across a decorating idea you particularly enjoy and want to try, print it out, or pull it out of the magazine. Then you can hole punch it and include it in the correct section.
  • I include Seasonal Specific foods/recipes. There are some that just fit with certain seasons. Generally speaking, you wouldn’t serve up pumpkin pie, Reindeer Cookies, and comfort foods in the summer months.
  • Craft Ideas. Crafts are a great way to engage with your children, and oftentimes they are great learning opportunities.
  • Gift Ideas. This mostly comes into play in the Winter Section, but it is also handy for other parts of the year for teacher gifts. **If you are really organized you could include a list of birthdays for each Season, and along the way gift ideas you’ve came across.**
  • Activities/Games. There are a lot of different seasonal activities that we enjoy, but may forget through the years. Keeping everything all in one spot will help us to remember and be able to choose and enjoy our favorites. Also great for planning parties and family gatherings.
  • Include a folder in each section for the small papers, or as a place to store things before you can file them.
  • Try to organize your sections by what comes first. For instance, the Winter Section. Put Christmas before New Year’s and Valentine’s Day.
How do you keep track of seasonal things?

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