School Time!

by GettingFreedom on August 20, 2008

Well, my babies are in school! It is hard to believe that summer is done. Aren’t they just cute?!

This is my 2nd grader! Where has the time gone? He was just a wee little infant yesterday it seems. He has been through so much in his small amount of time on this Earth, and I thank God daily for the miracles that He has done with my child. From being born premature, to having brain surgery as an infant, to surviving life with his younger brother Noah..he is such a bully. Man, God is such an awesome God, and I am truly blessed!

And this is my 1st grader! Kaitlyn loves school! Her taste in fashion is one of a kind….she is hilarious. She is also the best 6 year old babysitter you will find on the planet, hands down. We have been blessed with an amazing daughter, she loves to do all things domestic and she will make some man incredibly happy one day.
Noah sure does miss ‘em! He went into both of their bedrooms, came out and said ” Where my brother and sisser go?!”. I need to remember that my little Noah will soon be off to school as well, and cherish the times when they are small.
Time flies.
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