School Lunch Debate of 2012

by GettingFreedom on August 23, 2012

It’s that time–Back to School Time!  It’s hard for me to think that it’s already the end of August.  Seriously?!  Where did it go?  I can without a doubt say that this year was the easiest one yet getting the kids ready for school.  No ridiculous home renovation projects gone wrong, or deaths to deal with.  Shew!  I’m pretty sure none of us could have handled a 3 year in a row of utter craziness.

The start of a new school year brings so many various emotions.  I love the peace and quiet it brings {even if I still have 2 kids at home!}–yet, the frustration of a school district, that I feel often falls short, is hard to keep in check.  I’ll leave those thoughts to myself.  For now. :)


At the end of last school year, my kids were coming home everyday starving.  I know this is fairly normal–but this was like nothing I’d ever seen.  I began to question them on if they were actually eating all of their school lunch–to which they replied, not only were they eating all of them, they were going back for seconds {which were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches}.

Let me explain this a little bit–Noah {our now 2nd grader} HATES cooked carrots.  At home, he gets all sorts of frustrated when I make them {and he’s a tough boy}.  At school you have to eat all of your first plate before they’ll give you seconds.  In order to get his extra food–he ate cooked yellow {!} carrots because he was sooo hungry.  And was still not satisfied.

And this year….

Things are waayyy different.  And this is where I jump on my soapbox for the next 2 minutes.

Our area is the poorest part of Missouri.  Many of the students that attend our public school receive free or reduced lunches.  Oftentimes school breakfasts and lunch are the only times these children will eat a hot meal {or a meal for that matter}.  That fact alone just breaks my heart.  But these new changes frustrate me beyond belief.

Apparently, the Obama Administration thinks that our children are getting obese from school lunches. Do those children in the above picture look overweight to you?  

I’m sorry, but two meals a day with very small portions {which just got smaller this year!} will not make kids fat.  These kids are growing!  They need healthier foods {I totally agree with that}–but taking away their ketchup {on the first day of school!} is not going to accomplish anything but hungrier kids because they refuse to eat.  Do you really think that that is going to help improve our {failing} test scores?? Pfft!

Since when did it become the government’s responsibility to patrol the weight of my children?  Do I think that childhood obesity needs to be addressed?  You better believe it!  But is that really the job of the government?

Whatever happened to exercise? P.E now looks nothing like it did when I was in school. Does this mean I’m officialy “old”? :)  Perhaps restructuring those programs would be more beneficial than taking a child’s food away.

Looks like we’ll be packing our lunches.


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