Scenario w/ $5/20 @ Wags

by GettingFreedom on November 13, 2008

Here is a scenario that I came up with for the $5/20 coupon good Friday and Saturday. If you come up with one…DO SHARE! :)

For details on how to get the FP, visit my original post here, complete w/links to the coupons.

:-:L’Oreal Age Perfect Pro Calcium Radiance Perfector. Currently on sale $14.99. (I do not have the $2 MQ that is circulating…but there is one!)

:-:CoffeMate. FP: 0.49/2

:-: Carnation Evap. Milk FP: $1.97/3

:-: Colgate Toothpaste x 2 FP: .98 or :-: Betty Crocker Frosting x 2 FP: .90

:-: Wrapping Paper FP: $1.99/3

TOTAL: $20.42 (or $20.34 if buying frosting)


OOP: $15.42

MIR: $16.48 (includes 10% bonus on gc)

If you have the $2 coupon for the L’Oreal, you will have to throw in another $2 cushion.

:-: Blue Bonnet Margarine FP: 3/$2 (in ad q)

:-: Jell-o FP: 4/$2 (in ad q)

(I was doing an incredibly quick run through of the ad…this is what I saw. I’m sure that there are more options….you can view an ad scan here.)

Let us know if you see anything else!

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