Salvaged Sunday:: Recycling Glass Jars

by GettingFreedom on July 9, 2011


Welcome to Salvaged Sunday!  Salvaged Sunday has been a brain child of mine for many, many months now–and I’m very happy to have finally unleashed it!  Every Sunday, I will showcase something that was once meant for trash but has been turned into something new.  My hope is that you will find new ideas for your “trash” and look at things in a whole new light.  I’m not only looking to feature my own creations, but yours as well.  So, if you have anything that you’ve salvaged from it’s destiny at the city dump–email me at {phoebe at}.

This week I’m finally going to show you a project that I did back in May {oh my, time flies!} where I accidentally spray painted my fingertips with ORB {oil rubbed bronze} Spray Paint.  Definite proof that I don’t always think things all the way through! :)

The Fingers::

The Project(s)::

In it’s former life, my bubble bath jar was a jar of hot sauce.  I loved the shape and I knew I could find something purposeful to do with it–I just had to recover the lid so you couldn’t tell what it was.

Same with both of these jars.  While the one with the white beans is nothing more than your ordinary spaghetti sauce jar, I knew it still had potential as something decorative.  The jar that has the pinto beans is actually rather neat, it’s just hard to tell the curves in it from the picture.

Make Your Own Decorative Glass Jars

Select Your Jars

Uniquely shaped jars are the most fun to work with, but any glass jar {that is free from embedded brand names} will work.  Anymore, I pretty much keep any of my glass jars–I keep finding uses for them!

Wash and Remove Labels

I remove as much of the label and glue as I can, and then pop the glass jars and lids into the dishwasher.  Most of the time the dishwasher will get the rest of the glue off for me.  If for some reason it doesn’t, just use some goo-gone.

Spray Paint the Lids

Any spray paint will do the trick. {Currently I favor ORB Spry Paint from Krylon}  Place your lids on cardboard, or any other surface you don’t mind getting spray paint on, and paint away.  When it dries, hold up the lids using a stick or dowel rod–NOT your fingers {ahem} and paint the edges.


Fill with whatever your heart desires and decorate away!  Not only do I have beans and bubble bath in mine, I also have cotton balls, Q-Tips, Candles, and Candy. {in seperate jars of course!}

A few spritzes from my favorite spray paint–and I salvaged these jars!

There are so many other things I could do to change the look of these spray painted jars for pennies!

  • Label the front with chalboard paint, scrapbook paper, or label stickers
  • Ribbons or Raffia
  • Buttons for decoration {perfect for storing sewing supplies!}
  • ???

The possibilities are endless!  What would you store in your jars?

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