Salvaged Sunday:: Ways to Reuse Formula Cans

by GettingFreedom on July 16, 2011


It’s time again for another round of Salvaged Sunday! 

This week is somewhat of a repeat of a post I did back in March, when I showed you how I made a personalized pen organizer out of a recycled formula container.  But..since then, I’ve found so many other uses for formula containers {or even oatmeal canisters}, that it really bears repeating.  I’ve made another one almost identical to this one, but for trash, and it’s on top of my dryer for the lint and random trash-things that always end up in my laundry.

Same concept, but totally different design. Twine Covered Organizers


Wall Cubbies from Formula Cans


Candy Bouquet–LOVE this idea!  You could do this for many different holidays.

{Not really sure where this picture originates, as I found it on a forum with no credit given.}

No-Flame Jack-O-Lanterns {I’ve got a thing for pumpkins!  But, this idea could be used with various designs, think:: flowers, stars for Memorial Day/4th of July, snowmen, snowflakes}


No one will ever tell that these gift boxes are formula containers!  Beautiful!


As a side note–  I may just be addicted to Pinterest!  Also, don’t forget!  If you have any projects that you would like for me to include on an upcoming Salvaged Sunday, contact me!

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