Refried Beans Recipe

by GettingFreedom on March 15, 2010

I get many requests for this recipe, so I finally decided to pay attention to the amounts so I could share it.

I’ve been making my own refried beans for a while now, and while we have all really enjoyed them, they were still lacking that special kick.  My friend Lynn mentioned that she uses a mexican chicken bouillon in her refried beans.  I searched and searched, but I was unable to find it. However, I was able to find just the right ingredient for us!

You will need about 1 pound of beans, and soak them overnight. If you forget, like I often do–you can do a quick soak in the morning.  Pour hot water over your beans and let them soak for atleast 2 hours. Rinse them and put them in your cooking pot.  You can either use a crockpot, stockpot, or even a pressure cooker (my preferred method).  Add in one diced onion into your pot, and cover the beans with water.

Once your beans have finished cooking, drain most of the bean liquid off, but reserve it as you might just need it.  To my beans, I now add in 1 ½ tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp chili powder 1 tsp salt and a Chipotle Bouillon Cube. Now, I realize that just like the Mexican bouillon the Chipotle may be just as hard for you to find.  My suggestion: 1 teaspoon  chipotle powder.

Once you’ve added in your spices, it’s time to mash them.  I’ve come to love my immersion blender for this task, but others prefer a potato masher or a food processor (the method I used before falling in love with my immersion blender).  During the mashing process, you might need to add in more bean liquid–this is all according to your preference and the consistency you and your family desire.

Noah insisted upon being in my photo. :)

Serve along side your favorite burrito or taco, or roll up into a burrito with some taco sauce. Yum!

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