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by GettingFreedom on October 17, 2008

I’ve missed out on the last 2 weeks of Gayle’s Recipe Swaps because it has just been too busy around here! That…and I was gone all day bargain shopping on those days. :)
The last few weeks though, I have fallen in love with a creamy chicken base…basically cream of chicken soup. It is SO easy…and frugal.
Generally, when a recipe calls for cream of chicken soup…the meat in the dish is chicken, and it is a casserolle-type dish. For our family, I try to stretch the meat as much as I can and use about 2 breasts total. I almost always use boneless skinless breasts..I know they are more expensive..but bones/skin REALLY freak me out when I’m eating!!! No lie.
Anyway, I boil the chicken in about 4 cups water with seasoned salt and pepper. I use the now chicken flavored water to start my cream soup. In a pan I add the “broth” and 1 cup milk (I hardly ever measure things…so you may have to play around with the measurements…I’m kinda guessing!), and about 1/2 cup flour. At this point you will have to continually stir it until it thickens. If it doesn’t thicken up, add more flour. I also add additional seasonings, basically just a massive amount of pepper and some regular salt. But, my seasonings depend on what I am using it in.
I used this base for Chicken Pot Pie this week and a creamed chicken meal last week…and we LOVED them both! So incredibly easy…and in my expirience I have found it easier to boil the chicken than to grill it in the Foreman. And…it always turns out so juicy!
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