Recipe: Hamburger Gravy and Potatoes

by GettingFreedom on February 19, 2009

I love a good meal, and it is even better if it is easy and frugal.

When I first started teaching myself how to cook I came up with this recipe. I highly doubt that it is fully original, but I did make it up on the spot one night. We used to have it all the time, but that was when I didn’t know how to make very many things at all.

Since it was so easy, when we would have unexpected company over for dinner I would whip it up in a jiffy. Everyone raved about it, so I guess you may just call it a signature dish.

Hamburger Gravy and Potatoes

1 lb hamburger ($1.30)
1 can cream of mushroom soup (.45)(or homemade–pennies)
about 1 -2 cups milk
Seasonings to taste (I use seasoned salt, pepper and garlic)
Mashed Potatoes (.50)

Scramble your hamburger meat in a skillet, and drain off all of the grease. In a medium bowl add the cream of mushroom soup, milk and any seasonings you wish to add. To stretch the soup, add more milk. Once everything is mixed together and fully incorporated, add to skillet with browned hamburger. Cook until warmed through. If your gravy ends up being too thin for you liking, you can always add some cornstarch to thicken it up a bit.
Serve over mashed potatoes. TOTAL COST: $2

To round out your meal add a fresh green salad and some fruit.
One of the things I really like about this dish, is I can change it up however I feel that night. For instance, you can add sauteed onions or additional mushrooms.
What is your “Signature Dish?” Be sure to share them over at Life As Mom. Be sure to check out the other recipes over at Grocery Cart Challenge.
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