Quick Tip: Making Blackberry Jelly

by GettingFreedom on July 29, 2009

Blackberries are plentiful around here, and our 50 acres are overflowing with wild “patches”. While I like the taste of blackberries, I cannot get past those nasty, crunchy ol’ seeds. No matter what I do. That means that I miss out on blackberry cobblers, pies and all those other goodies.

Last year I made a lot of blackberry jam because I didn’t feel like messing with getting all those seeds out of them. It seemed really time consuming and hard work and quite frankly, jelly just isn’t worth that to me. This year, though, I came up with a new plan, and it worked perfectly–and was a breeze!

My juicer!

A few weeks ago, the family and I went out and picked about 3 coffee cans full of plump blackberries. When we got in, I rinsed them off, and threw them into my Breville juicer. Out came enough juice for me to be able to make 3 batches of blackberry jelly. Perfectly seed free, and awesome! Now I can enjoy the taste of summer, instead of just picking them!

But, don’t let that be the deciding factor in buying a juicer. They are awesome for using up extra fruits or even juicing some of your extra garden vegetables. We love ours!

And let me tell you–Commercial juice has got nothing on freshly juiced juice. Fresh apple juice is uh-maz-ing! Juicing my own juice, and cutting my jelly making time in half Works For Me!!

**This juicer is very similiar to the one that I have, but mine doesn’t have multiple speeds–it would be handy, though. I linked it just as reference.

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