Project Major Home Addition Update

by GettingFreedom on August 12, 2010

Many of you have asked how our home addition was going, so I thought I’d throw in a quick update.

Honestly, it’s not going near fast enough. :(  Our house was supposed to be done mid-late July, and it’s not.  The outside is mostly done, except for a few loose ends, and a deck on the back.  The inside however, is only framed  up.  Willie has ran all of the electric, and the heating and air is as far as can be at this point.  But, we’re still looking at roughly 5 more weeks! Ike!

The next 5 weeks are going to be the hardest, too, which is why this job really needed to be done before school started again.  Our initial plans were for me and the kids to move back to our hometown and in my mom until the “hairy” parts were over.

And by “hairy” parts I mean:  An entire exterior wall of our current/old home is to be removed so that it opens up into the addition/new part of the house.  Talk about dust and yuck galore!  And then they will begin to sand and finish the sheetrock–which is another crazy messy job.  I definitely do not want Blake around all that dust, not to mention the other kids.  Also, once they take down that wall–we will be in the same space as the workers, which will make living rather tough!  Not exactly sure what we are going to do now with school starting next week!

Anyway, here is a look at the before and after of the exterior of the house:

Front Yard



Not sure if you can tell by the photo or not, but we got all new windows (the ones on the existing house ended up being bigger than the old ones), new JamesHardie Concrete Siding (which we adore!), as well as new roofing.

Back Yard

Before:Back of House

Before: Back Yard.  This picture begins where the other ones leaves off.


I know that it’s really hard to see what is going on in these pictures!  Our addition goes from the back of our home, and attaches to the garage that was already there {but useless}.  We included a covered carport/breezeway since the one we had was enclosed {see above before and after}. A deck will run from the edge of the carport to the 2nd door you see on the left, my current dining room/kitchen {soon to be ALL kitchen!}, which is also all under roof, and then over to the 1st door, which is my laundry room.

If you were to walk through the breezeway, and turn around, this is what you would see:


Someday it’ll be finished.

To see previous pictures, you can also check out this Progress Post.  Which for reference, the trash pile in those pictures, is the same one in the picture above.  Well, same spot anyway. ;)

I’m still Lovin’ It, though!

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