Project Major Home Addition Update

by GettingFreedom on October 13, 2010

The past month and half have been absolutely overwhelming to say the least.  We fired our contractor on Project Major Home Addition, and brought in my Father In Law (who was between jobs as a cabinet installer) to finish it all up.  The problem here was that our home at this point was basically just framed in.  We had a long haul in front of us.  And by “we” I mean me and my Father In Law.  Overnight I went from a little ol’ housewife to a Full Time Construction Worker-Full Time Mother of 4 (one an infant) Full Time Wife and Part Time Soccer Mom. 

If that wasn’t enough, we had to move into our garage so we could actually work in the house without having to move furniture around, and so the sheetrock dust, as well as all the other construction dust wouldn’t do us all in.  We went from a full kitchen to a microwave (remember my dislike of microwaves?!?!?) and dorm fridge literally overnight.  This has absolutely killed me!  No more fresh bread, snacks, from scratch dinners, and no canning our beloved applesauce and apple butter this year. 

Life has been tough–but it’s also been do-able.  And, although I’m incredibly exhausted, it’s been almost enjoyable.  It’s forced us to be closer together as a family, with absolutely no TV (only movies every so often) and very little internet/computer time.

All of this to say–The main part of Project Major Home Addition is almost finished!!  We will finally be able to move back in this weekend!  We were able to finish all of the hardwood over the weekend, and we got the baseboard up on Monday.  My kitchen cabinets are installed, but my countertops won’t be until sometime early next week.  All 0f the tile work will have to wait until we’ve already moved back in.  We have one functioning bathroom, and for now, that’s enough. :)

Thank you SO very much for your emails and your comments of concern.  Sorry for leaving everyone hanging, I’ve just been too exhausted to update.  Hopefully by the end of this month, early next, our normalcy will have resumed enough that I can post again on a regular basis.  Oh do I ever have so much to share!

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