by GettingFreedom on May 6, 2010

Things have been a little busy around here the last few days.  Project Major Home Addition is well underway, and progress can finally been seen.

We’ve been planning for this project for about 6 years now–and it still just seems unreal that it is finally happening. I’m absolutely elated, but in the same respect I’m crazily anxious and overwhelmed.  After 2 years of Project Getting Freedom (our journey to debt freedom), not only are we ready, but I think we deserve it!

Here is a little look at what we’ve seen the last few weeks:

This is a look at my former back yard.  You can see our dog pen being taken down on the right, and our garage is to the left (out of view).

Our garage before.  It was basically worthless, in that it did not have a concrete floor, but instead a floor of big boulders (we removed most of them so that we could sort of  use it), and there were no garage doors.  It was wide open.  We’ve been puzzled by this since we’ve lived here.  It’s never made sense!

Different angle, but you can still see it.  Both garage bays are now enclosed, and we cut a new (and larger) one on the other short side of the garage.  You can also see a bunch of trees surrounding the garage, which are now gone!

Another look at the trees in our backyard, and my pyromaniac husband burning the old siding off of the garage.

There was a lot going on yesterday.  Big Machines were going every which way.

After all that work yesterday, this is what it looks like around here today:

Wow!  What a change!

You are now looking at the new garage door opening and my new backyard.  That pile of siding is in the exact same spot as the one my husband was playing with burning in the earlier picture.

Watching all these changes unfold and our dreams coming true before my eyes is a finer thing indeed!

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