Preserving the Harvests

by GettingFreedom on July 23, 2009

It has been quite some time since I have last updated my garden progress. I planned on being home a lot more and spending more of my day in there than what I am. Nonetheless though, it is keeping us in food!

Our summer has been incredibly mild, with only one week that was so hot we could hardly stand it. The last week or so has just been amazing. As a matter of fact, we’ve had our windows open since Sunday–and it is gorgeous. The down fall here is, my peppers don’t like that! My hot peppers are not hot, and my green peppers are just not progressing as fast as they should. I’ve only picked one–from 23 plants!

For one reason or another I am unable to find all of the pictures I took of our harvests. I can only find this one:

But I can assure you that there as been way more than that!! All in all this is what the garden has produced:

  • (7) Half Pints Jalapeno Jelly (I’ve had tons of jalapenos, but not enough tomatoes to make salsa..yet so I had to get creative!)
  • 3 batches Blackberry Jelly (I can’t remember exactly how much that produced, but I think it was close to 9 pints)
  • (13) Quarts and (1) Pint of green/purple beans and enough that we ate a mess for dinner one night. In addition to these, the boys picked another ice cream bucket full this evening, which should get us about 3-4 more quarts. This may sound like a large amount, but our goal was 100 quarts. Having this much will grant us about 2 quarts a week from now until harvest next year. We still have a long way to go!
  • (6) Quarts Sweet Pickles. I toyed with the spices in a recipe last year, which produced our favorite pickle ever. But, because it was an experiment I had no idea how much we would like it and we ran out quickly. My Mom-In-Law has requested tons of these, and so has my husband, which leaves us in the same boat as the green beans–I need TONS more. Guess I can put that 5 gallon bucket worth of cucumbers to good use. ;)
  • (3) Pints Pickled Banana Peppers.
  • (5) Pints of Jalapenos–although not from the garden.
  • And..we’re trying something new this year and brining a 5 gallon bucket of Dill Pickles. We are on week 3 and it just doesn’t seem to be progressing like it should. We’ll see…
  • Shredded 12 cups worth of Zucchini and fried one up for company Monday night. The squash borers got far more than I did. :( We may not have an organic garden next year. :)

With our picking this evening, we also got a big batch of tomatoes. I see a big canning day in my near future.

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How is your garden coming along? Are you preserving any??

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