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by GettingFreedom on November 6, 2008

In the last few months, Walgreen’s has become one of my favorite stores! I get all of my toiletries and makeup there versus Wal-Mart. These days, if I set foot in Wal-Mart it is only for a few grocery items that are cheaper there, or for a birthday card or underwear! :)

It has taken me a bit to get the “Walgreen’s Game” down, and as always, I’m sure there is still more to learn. But…..I thought that I would share some tips that I have picked up along the way.

  1. For starters, as soon as you walk in the door there will be a small display that contains the weekly sales flyer, and the Easy Saver Book (ES). The ES Book is essential to your savings. Here’s why: It contains a load of coupons in the front referred to as an ESQ (Easy Saver Coupon). These do not have to be cut out, the cashier just needs to scan them. Generally, those items will go on sale at some point during the month. As we all know, a sale and a coupon makes for a great deal! As of April 2009, Walgreen’s has discontined their Easy Saver Rebate Program. They are “developing new loyalty programs that we expect will bring even more interesting incentives and rewards”. I haven’t actually been in Walgreen’s since December of 2008, so I’m not exactly sure what these new programs entail.

    Also, because these coupons are specific to Walgreen’s they can be stacked with a Manufacturer Coupon (MQ)! This makes for great savings!

  2. Also in this book are the rebates for the month. There will be a few FAR (free after rebate) items, as well as buy x get $x back.

    The book changes monthly, usually on the last weekend of the month.

  3. The rebates are incredibly easy to claim. All you have to do is save your receipt, go to and register. Then go here and Claim your Rebates. You will see a list of the valid rebates for the month. Check the ones you are eligible for and submit it. It will ask for your receipt number, which can be found at the top. Once you’ve entered in your reciept information, save it so you can return later. DO NOT claim your rebates until the end of the month, or when you know you will not be buying anymore rebate items. Walgreen’s only allows you to claim rebates once in a rebate period.

    Don’t forget to request your rebate payment on a gift card so that you can get a 10% bonus! What a great incentive!

    Just a note: Some rebates allow you to get more than one, you will have to double check the wording. On these rebates, it will only let you check the box once, but it still picks up your multiple purchases. For example, in the month of October you were able to get up to 6 ($1) rebates for Shout. And you bought 3 one week, and 3 the next. The first week, you would check the box and enter in your receipt would automatically pick up the other 2 you bought. Next week the box will still be checked, go ahead and enter in your receipt and it will pick the other 3 up as well.

  4. Another source of Walgreen’s Coupons would be the ad. Again, these do not have to be ct out, the cashier just needs to scan them. These work a little differently than a MQ. For example: This week there is a coupon for Dawn Dish Soap .99. When the cashier scans the coupon it will subtract $x from the original price to make the soap total .99. But, you must hand them the ad to scan in order to get this price.
  5. Walgreen’s also offers Register Rewards (RR). These are fantastic! They are basically a coupon that prints out after you have paid, and they are good on your next purchase.
    For example: A couple weeks back they had a $5 RR printing when you bought a St. Ives cleanser for $4.99. Free is GOOD! In addition to getting the RR, you CAN use coupons on these items as well…making for even greater savings! On this particular deal, I used a $2 coupon, so I paid $2.99 for the cleanser, and got $5 RR in return. Not too shabby! :)

    A word of caution with RR….you cannot roll a RR from one deal, back onto the same deal and receive the 2nd RR. So, on the St. Ives deal, if I were to go back and buy another St.Ives Cleanser and use my $5 RR from earlier to pay, I would not recieve my 2nd RR. But, if I wanted to use my $5 RR to pay for some Pepsi that generates a $2 RR…that is fine. As long as they are not from the same mother company.

    If your RR does not print, make sure that you talk to a manger. Take an ad with you so that you have in hand exactly what you are talking about. Do not let them tell you you cannot use coupons on a RR deal. You can, and a lot of times, in their ad, next to a RR deal it will have an icon that says “Look in your Sunday paper for addt’l savings”. If you cannot get it resovled, you can always call the Catalina Company and they will straighten it out for you.

  6. In my (limited) expirience I have found it to be easier to hand the cashier coupons in a certain order. MQ, ESQ, In ad coupon, RR.

  7. Another “rule” to the game is Walgreen’s will not allow you to have more coupons than you have items. However, ESQ, and in ad coupons do not count towards your total coupons. Just MQ and RR. So, if you were to buy 5 items, all 5 having coupons, you would not be able to pay with a RR. You would have to get a filler.

    A filler is generally something less than a dollar. Good fillers would be a travel pack of kleenex, a candy bar, pencil, pack of gum…you get the point.

I think that I’ve pretty well covered the basis. If I’ve forgotten something, let me know! And if you have any questions…feel free to ask!

Happy Shopping!

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