Pizza Slice Costume {DIY Halloween}

by GettingFreedom on October 16, 2012

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Many years ago, I created a Pizza Slice Costume for our daughter Kait.  Not only was it one of the easiest costumes we made…but it was the one we got the most compliments on {well, behind the Jesus costume my oldest wore for a church contest, which coincidentally were both worn the same year}.

I’m also pretty sure that the DIY Pizza Slice Costume was the cheapest of all costumes since we were able to use inexpensive  materials and recycle some others.

Want to Make Your Own Pizza Slice Costume?

You’ll need::

Felt in a light tan, red, green, black and white
Mattress Foam {Because we had it!}  Ours was about twice the height of our daughter.
Red and Yellow Spray Paint
White and  Brown Acrylic Paint
Hot Glue
Paper Fasteners
Pizza Box

  1. Fold the foam in half and cut into the triangle shape for your pizza slice.
  2. Slip over child and measure and mark where the hole needs to be for their face.
  3. Remove and cut out hole.
  4. Glue together the sides using healthy beads of hot glue. Leave a 6″ gap on each side for the arms.
  5. Roll up the bottom of the foam to form the crust and attach together using paper fasteners.  Don’t forget to leave room for the legs to go through!
  6. Spray paint the front of the pizza red, and the back and folded over crust yellow.
  7. Once dried, paint on the brown streaks for the cooked parts of the crust and white for the melted cheese.
  8. I drew mushroom shapes, green pepper “chunks”, diced onions, hamburger chunks, black olives and pepperoni slices onto the coordinating felt colors and cut them out.
  9. Once the paint is completely dry, glue on your pizza toppings!
  10. Glue the pizza box closed and cut out the edge for the candy to go in.  Attach a ribbon to each side to form a “bag”.

What has been your favorite costume?


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