Personalized Kids Laundry Baskets

by GettingFreedom on March 29, 2010

I’m just going to come right out and admit it–I absolutely abhor putting laundry away.  I don’t mind washing laundry or folding it for that matter.  Just please do not ask me to put it away. :)

In an effort to ease this problem, as well as getting the kids to help around the house more, I decided to give them each their own laundry baskets.  This way I could wash and fold them and they were perfectly able to carry them to their rooms and put the clothes away themselves.  The only problem was I didn’t want a laundry room full of big and bulky laundry baskets.

I found the perfect solution:  Plastic Dish Pans.

As I’m pulling the laundry out of the dryer, I fold it and place it in the corresponding basket.  When the kids return home from school, they take their baskets to their room and put their own clothes away.  They are then to return the empty basket to me, so I can refill it.

I personalized the kids laundry baskets so I knew exactly who didn’t bring their baskets back to me.  There is no denying it when their names are right on the front!  I just used puffy paint and free-handed their names on the front, but there are so many other options you could do.  You could paint their names and designs on wooden plaques and tie them on with a coordinating ribbon. Or you could even use Decoupage., which I’ve always wanted to play around with, just never have.

How do you handle kids laundry?

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