Perfectly Comfortable

by GettingFreedom on May 11, 2012

Life is so unpredictable.  It seems as if every time you begin to get comfortable, something smacks you in the face and jolts you back to reality.

Whether it be an unexpected financial strain.

Or the health of someone dear to you.

As soon as you get comfortable, thinking your life is invisible from the ills of this life–you will be caught off guard.

Facing the imperfect world head on.

Because this life is just that.  Imperfect.

Friends, we’re faced with another trial.  Six months of living in our new normal without trials left us comfortable.

Thinking we were invisible.  We’re not.

We received a phone call yesterday that rocked our lives.  My husband’s brother has a brain tumor and is in ICU in a hospital half way across the country.  Facing surgery early next week, miles away from the ones that love him.

It’s oh so tough.  Memories of my mom’s situation keep playing over in my mind.

But, this life is short.  We won’t face these trials forever.

We’ll soon know what it feels like to be comfortable.  In a perfect place.

For now–we pray.  On our knees.  In front of Him.  Laying all of our imperfections at His feet.

Until we’re Perfectly Comfortable with the Perfect One.


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