Pantry Challenge Update

by GettingFreedom on January 23, 2012

We’re entering into Week Four of the Pantry Challenge, and I’ve just thrown my intended menu plan out the window.  I generally plan my meals in two week blocks, and this weeks meals just aren’t going to work.  Our #3 child goes in for surgery on Wednesday {tubes and removing his adenoids} which means thing more than likely won’t be “normal” around here!


Our Pantry Challenge Progress

Regain your Grocery Budget

I was looking to cut our normal grocery budget by about $100-$200.  So far I’ve come in at about $225–but I also haven’t placed my Azure Standard Order yet.  It won’t be delivered until next month, but the money comes out of this months budget. So it looks as if I’ll come in at my normal grocery amount–but I will still be seeing benefits into next month.

Reorgagnize our Cabinets/Freezers

I’ve reorganized my pantry and 2 of my three freezers.  The other freezer only  has a little bit of beef left from our last bulk beef purchase.  I’ve got everything listed on the front of our freezer using the  Freezer Inventory Printable.  I’ve laminated it and attached magnets to the back so I can adjust accordingly. We’ve been using a lot of our older foods and items that I had forgotten about now that everything is reorganized.  Ah!  It feels SO good to be back on top of it!

Refocus. Re-evaluate. Regroup.

I’ve dedicated 2012 as a whole to Regrouping.  So far I feel that January has been a great step in that direction.  I’ve cleared my head, and tried to wash the negativity of the past few years out of my mind and move on.  What does that have to do with the Pantry Challenge?  A lot, actually.  I’ve been in a lull, basically just flying by the seat of my pants.  Even though I had a menu plan and a plan overall, I found myself winging everything, oftentimes at the last minute.  I hate functioning like that, but that was what had become my norm.  The last few weeks I’ve tried very hard to overcome that, and be who I was before all of this.  And I think I’m finally getting there!

And with this, I’m also in the process of compiling our Master Menu and Grocery Lists, with the  help of the family.  Hopefully this will not only make menu planning an absolute breeze, but it will help me to have less waste and less food sitting for long amounts of time waiting to be put to good use.


I’ve not had much extra time to restock our freezer with ready made foods, just yet–but plan to later this week.


How are you doing on your Pantry Challenge Goals?



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