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  • Frugal Gardening 101 Ebook {Available to Subscribers!}

    Frugal Gardening 101 Ebook {Available to Subscribers!}

    As I mentioned late last week, I've been frantically working on my first ever ebook, Frugal Gardening 101:  The Comprehensive Guide to Vegetable Gardening Without Breaking the Bank. It's been a labor of love (and frustration) and I'm beyond excited to get it out there and get everyone excited about gardening. ...

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  • My Son Is Not Like Yours–So What?

    My Son Is Not Like Yours--So What?

    No one is alike.  We all know this right? I'm tall. Some may say I'm too tall for a girl. My hair is brown, and very thin. And I'm cool with that. Most days. I could stand to lose a little bit of weight.  But chocolate keeps calling my name. I'm a Conservative Christian. ...

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  • Frugal Gardening 101 Ebook

    Frugal Gardening 101 Ebook

    Those of you that have followed me for a while know that I'm pretty passionate about home gardening. One of the statements I hear frequently regarding gardening, is that "it's just as cheap for me to purchase the produce as it is for me to grow it." My response? I want to shout-"Not ...

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  • Canning Your Own Chicken Stock

    Canning Your Own Chicken Stock

    Store bought chicken broth or stock doesn't even compare to the richness of homemade broth.  Since making homemade chicken broth is so easy, it makes it a great DIY Homemade Convenience Food. I used to always store my homemade chicken broth in the freezer {just like my cooked beans}--but I've found ...

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  • Almond Pear Scones {Sugar Free!}

    Almond Pear Scones {Sugar Free!}

    With my last Azure Standard order we got 20# of pears.  We love pears as much as the next person, but pears tend to go downhill pretty fast.  In an effort to use them quickly, I started looking for various recipes with pears.  In this quest I decided that I ...

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  • Homemade Egg Rolls

    Homemade Egg Rolls

    It's no secret that we love Asian flavors and dishes.  One of our many weaknesses is egg rolls.  Purchasing them at the Chinese Restaurant {or from the grocery store} will quickly break the food budget. So, why not make your own? :) [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:38] Y-U-M-M-Y!! It’s a lot cheaper than eating out and probably ...

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  • Make Your Own Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate

    Make Your Own Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate

    After scoring a great deal on strawberries, I had to figure out how I would use them all up before they went bad.  I dehydrated strawberries {a couple of dehydrator's full!}, we ate some, and I finally made some Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate that's been on my list of things to ...

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  • Lemon Dill Mahi Mahi Recipe

    Lemon Dill Mahi Mahi Recipe

    We've officially started our school year.  Leading up to this has been a bit nerve racking, as we've made the decision to no longer homeschool our oldest son--and instead send him back into public school.  In the 7th grade.  Am I crazy, or what?  More on all that later. In an ...

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  • Homemade Cleaners:: Orange Oil

    Homemade Cleaners:: Orange Oil

    The last few months I've been experimenting a lot with making my own homemade cleaners.  I've found that not only are homemade cleaners frugal, but they use ingredients that I already have in my pantry and they perform just as good {if not better!} than my favorite commercial cleaners. Homemade Orange ...

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  • Staycation Ideas for Springfield, MO

    Staycation Ideas for Springfield, MO

    Partaking in a staycation is not only great on your budget {if you're careful!}, but it helps you to appreciate what you have in your own community.  Keeping your money locally is important, ya know. :) Springfield, Missouri really is one of my favorite places. While it's still a trek for us ...

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Amazon Prime ~ Start your 30 day FREE trial today. {July 11th}

July 11, 2013

Welcome! If you’re new here, you can find out more about what you will find here on my About Page. Don’t miss an update and subscribe for FREE updates via RSS or email. Thanks for stopping by!Let’s connect on Twitter and Facebook! Have you heard about Amazon Prime? I just started my second year of […]

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Grocery Savings Twitter Party Tonight {$250 in Prizes!}

July 9, 2013

Saving money on groceries a huge passion of mine.  Surely y’all know that by now.  Every opportunity I get I’m sharing how we feed our family well, on a tight budget with and without coupons.  So much so, that I also teach grocery savings classes here in my local area. All of that to say, […]

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DIY Patriotic Wreath for Under $5!

June 24, 2013

I’m a sucker for wreaths. I don’t know what it is about them, but I love them and I just can’t have enough of them! Pair my wreath obsession with my favorite holiday, July 4th, and we’ve got a situation! I stumbled upon a DIY Patriotic Wreath from TidyMom.net and I knew that I had […]

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Do It Yourself Kitchen Island

June 17, 2013

If you follow me on Facebook, I gave you a sneak peek to the DIY Kitchen Island I created from a $5 dresser I found at a yard sale.  This was one of those projects that I was so excited to get completed and see a vision come from beginning to end. Just like my […]

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Monitor your credit with a FREE credit report everyday from Credit Sesame!

May 24, 2013

Spring is here, even if Mother Nature disagrees on some days. So if you have put off spring cleaning and you are still thinking about what kind of cleaning your house needs, think about this ~ what about your credit score? Even if you are not looking into getting a new mortgage loan or refinancing […]

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2013 Staycation Destinations

May 22, 2013

Staycations are becoming all the rage, especially with gas prices the way they are!  If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your family this summer, on the cheap, you won’t want to miss this Staycation Destination Guide for 2013!  It covers destinations from all over the nation, and included family friendly activities for […]

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Staycation Ideas for Springfield, MO

May 21, 2013

Partaking in a staycation is not only great on your budget {if you’re careful!}, but it helps you to appreciate what you have in your own community.  Keeping your money locally is important, ya know. Springfield, Missouri really is one of my favorite places. While it’s still a trek for us {almost 2 hours} we still […]

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A Tragic Loss and a Way to Help

May 8, 2013

I know I’ve been pretty non-existent around here.  If you follow me over on facebook you know that we recently experienced a very tragic loss in our community and in our church family.  Our worship minister, and former youth minister who baptized my children, went to be home with our Lord after a terrible head […]

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Gardening Ebook Bundle of the Week Only $7.40!

April 22, 2013

One of the best decisions we made for our frugal journey was to start our own garden.  I’ll admit that at first it was all a bit intimidating, but once we started it was more than worth it. If you’re itching to learn more about starting your own home garden, you have got to check […]

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52 Week Savings Challenge {Week 15}

April 12, 2013

I know that many of you are following along on the 52 Week Savings Challenge,–so I just wanted to remind you that it’s time to make another deposit! Since it’s Week 15, your deposit amount should be $15, which will bring your account up to bringing your savings total to $120.  If you’re doing the 52 Week […]

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