Packing Food For Long Trips

by GettingFreedom on December 2, 2009

I apologize for disappearing the last few days. We went out of state for Thanksgiving, and I’m still playing catch up.

We’ve been out of state a few times before, for days in a row. However, this was the first trip that I packed all our food and planned all the meals before hand. At first I was worried that it would be too much, and we would end up wishing we had just spent the extra money to eat out. I didn’t know how the kids would handle eating in our hotel room, either.

This was not the case.

We allowed ourselves one meal out, and the rest we packed along. We all loved being comfortable in our hotel room, eating home cooked, wholesome food. I kept it really simple for our lunches–Sandwiches, Carrots/Dip, and Corn Dog Muffins with potato chips and salad.

You can see my dinner plan here. We packed our crockpot to cook up the soup. It was an absolute hoot to walk into the motel that evening and smell our dinner. I couldn’t help but chuckle and wonder what the other guests thought! It tasted so good!

Packing along our food saved us an amazing amount of money. My conservative guess for 6 meals out is $180 for our family of 5. The cost for the food we packed, which came from our regular grocery budget came in under$50, and probably closer to the $30 mark! Packing our food enabled us to stay in a hotel, swim in the pool and enjoy our stay–without breaking our budget.

Even though my family cracked jokes about us packing our food, I wouldn’t change it. As a matter of fact, it’s our new normal.

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