Overcoming the Budget Rut {6 Changes to Save $100!}

by GettingFreedom on October 19, 2012

We all get into ruts in life.  Whether it be in our relationships, in our overall feelings, our routines, or our budgets.  The tolls of this life will, at some time, take over our “normalcy”.  Not that I would know or anything. ;)

The Budget Rut is often hard to get out of.  You blow the budget a couple of times and it messes everything up, sending your finances into almost an automatic downward spiral.  It all gets the best of you and you wonder why you even tried the budget thing to begin with.

There is a hope!

Six small changes over the course of 7 days can easily save you $100 {quite possibly more!}.  Think of the money you can save if you committed to doing these small changes for 3 weeks out of the month.   Your Budget Rut will soon be far behind you!

Create a New Monthly Cash Flow Plan

Creating a new monthly cash flow plan with give you a snapshot of your current financial situation.  Take a real look at your finances.  What new expenses have cropped up?  Which one have went away or changed?

Use Cash {Especially if you plan to make purchases over the weekend}

As soon as you are finished making a new cash flow plan figure out which categories you are able to use cash for.  Groceries, fuel, and entertainment are great places to start.  Get cash for these categories and commit to using it for the next week–but especially over the weekend!  Approximately 15% of your income is being spent on unnecessary spending.  Using cash will help you regain that 15%!

Make a Menu Plan for the Week

In a study from 2011, Americans spent roughly $2600 annually on food away from home.  Ouch!  While I enjoy a night off of doing dishes just like the next person, cooking dinner at home is far easier on my budget.  Creating a menu plan takes the guessing game out of what’s for dinner, keeps me accountable, and saves me money.  And it only takes a few minutes!  If you’ve never created a menu plan before starting here might be the jump start you need to create regular menu plans.

Plan to Pack your Lunch Next Week

On average working American spend $37 week on eating lunch out.  That translates to roughly $2000 a year!  Who wouldn’t want to have that extra cash to pay off debt or add to the emergency fund?

Commit to packing your lunch for the next week and see for yourself not only how easy it is, but how much it’ll save.  Don’t let those leftovers go to waste and eat them for lunch.

Create Your Grocery List

Create your grocery list from your menu plan and lunch plan, all the while paying close attention to the sales and coupon matchups.  You can find the coupon matchups and sales highlights for Price Cutter/Ramey’s and Town & Country Supermarket on Southern Missouri Deals.

Dedicate the Weekend and Upcoming Week as No Spend Days

Look at your pantry, is it overflowing?  Consider doing a Pantry Challenge this week and take a week off of grocery shopping.

Commit to taking advantage of free entertainment options this weekend and having a no spend weekend and work week.  I bet you’ll never notice that it was free other than the extra cash you’ll have next week!




The Home Management Binder has all of the planning sheets you need to create your cash flow plan, make your grocery lists, create your menu plan and MORE!  Do you have your copy?






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