Our 2012 Goals

by GettingFreedom on January 11, 2012

Starting the new year out with set goals, and then following up on a regular basis to check your progress, makes for a successful year!

In addition to setting goals this year, I’ve decided to also set a word.  One that sums up our goals and when mentioned instantly reminds me of my goal and purpose for the year.  Our word for 2012 is Regroup. After living in survival mode since May of 2010, I’m pretty sure our life is beginning to level back out and into our new normalcy.  I think.  We are only two weeks into 2012–but it has proved to be the most uneventful two weeks we’ve had in awhile.  Well, if you forget about the tween issues.  Those aren’t going away anytime soon, I’m afraid. {eyeroll}

As for our Yearly Goals–here’s our list::

Spiritual Goals

  • Make reading the Word more of a priority, instead of the thing that gets pushed aside on a busy morning.
  • Pay more attention to His nudging and Act upon them.

Relationship Goals


  • Be a better help meet.  There are many more things that I could do to help out my husband.
  • Watch my tounge.  Over the summer I went to a Women of Faith Conference and was quickly put in my place after one speaker said that sarcasm is one of the worst thing you could do to your spouseGuilty!


  • Patience!
  • Understanding.  Our two oldest chilren are entering into the tween years.  I need understanding {and patience} to make it through sane.  As well as grace and the energy it needs to also parent a toddler.  Oh dear.


Financial Goals

After living in survival mode for so long, our finances are not where we want them to be.  At all.  We are better off than where we were forever ago just  a few short years ago–but we still have room for improvement.

  • Replenish Emergency Fund.
  • Fund Home Maintenance Fund.  Even though our home is basically a new home, as a homeowner it seems there is always something that needs repair.
  • Fund our Health Fund.  This is for our yearly deductibles.  It’ll be in there for when we need it.
  • Stay on Top of the Monthly Cash Flow Sheets Again, with lots of real life in our way–these were pushed to the side frequently–and our finances are proof.  These are so important to financial success!

Home Goals

  • Tie up the loose ends of Project Major Home Addition{Kitchen Backsplash, Baseboard in Guest Bath and Pantry, Media Center and Closets}
  • Landscaping. All the dirt work back in 2010 has absolutely ruined our yard!
  • Be More EfficientLet’s just say I am easily distracted with my housework. ;)

Gardening/Food Storage/Cooking

This is our biggest overall goal this year.  Striving closer to self sufficiency is important to us.

  • Get all our our seedlings started by the beginning of February
  • Finish up our Seedling Starting Area {more to come on this soon!}
  • Continue work on our Permanent Beds.
  • Re-plant Orchard. {The deer and our horses killed our last one. :( }
  • Grow Herbs. This has been on my list for quite sometime.  2012 is MY year!
  • Rebuild Food Storage.  Through the next few months, I hope to finish up my Master Grocery List–which will give me a better idea where I need to be for my Food Storage Goals.
  • New Business Venture?? *sigh* We’ve mulled this idea over and over for years.  I’ve talked with local friends, who all seem to think it would be a great fit.  Do we do it?  The next few months will tell!
  • Chickens/Cows/Pigs Galore!  Me? Really?!  Oh yes!  I’m ready to make the most out of our 50 acres!  Pray for me, okay?

Personal Goals

  • Lose 4 Kids worth of baby weight. It’s time for me now.
  • Do more DIY Projects.
  • Make More Time for Reading.


Are you a goal setter?  You can find Goal Planning Worksheets in the {Newly Released!} Home Management Binder.


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