November Check-Up

by GettingFreedom on December 3, 2008

I really meant to get this post out a few days ago, but, well, that didn’t happen! I’m in a frantic state of mind the last few weeks. There are TONS of projects that we have started and not finished, and even more projects that I am dying to start. So, I’m trying to catch up with myself. The holiday season is not a good time to do these things, remind me that next time, okay?

Here is my list of November Goals:

  • Continue to throw money at the truck. I’m so excited about this, we paid an extra $450 for November! Since gas prices are down, I saved all of our extra from that, DH’s overtime, our snowball, and anything else I could find and mailed it all in. What a great feeling!
  • Continue the grocery budget at $300. Did so, and actually for the month of November, even with added Thanksgiving costs, I came in under budget at $280! Oh yeah! Maybe the $250 isn’t as far off as I thought.
  • Ahem…try ebay. Well, I made a step in the right direction…I got a flat rate box. That’s progress, right?! Haha.
  • Get meaner/tighter on the envelope system. This one actually made me laugh when I came to it. My husband was probably wishing I wasn’t so “freakish” about our budget this month! I did become more strict on the budget. DH ALWAYS runs out his “blow” money before it is time to replenish it. I’ve always kept a little bit back so I can just give him more, or I have given him the rest of mine. We both get the same amount, but he almost always ended up with the majority of mine….not this go around! He really started watching where his money was going when he knew he couldn’t have more…he learned it the hard way first, though. He was dry and still had another week to go, and I made sure that all the other resources were hidden. I felt mean, but he survived, and so did I….barely! I think he realizes that I mean business! :)

Here is December:

  • Of course continue to pay off the truck.
  • Replenish the EF. This one gets me. I had JUST mailed the last extra payment (which was $300)to the truck, and the stupid wheel bearing decided to go out!!!!! Agh. $250 later it is fixed. See my frustration……

Really, that is all for this month. With Christmas break and all I don’t think that it would be logical for me to slash the budget this month. I just don’t think it is possible with the big kids being home for 2 weeks, we’ll see though.

November proved to be a GREAT month for us. I’m pretty much done Christmas shopping, my personal propery/real estate taxes are out of the way, and I paid extra on the truck. My taxes have never been paid before Christmas, and my shopping has generally been finished the week of Christmas (with added debt!).

So, here’s to a great December.

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