Naturally Deep Cleaning your Oven {14 Days to a Clean Home Series}

by GettingFreedom on March 29, 2013

My oven was in bad shape.  I’m often called the messiest cook on Earth, plus I get distracted pretty easily.  That tends to be a deadly mess-ier combination.

The top picture shows my oven before I started to clean it.  Yes, it’s dark–but that’s all the nasty gunk!  To be honest, I didn’t realize it was that dirty until I started inspecting it to take a photo.

Photo 2, while still dirty, is after painting on my natural oven cleaner and letting it sit for 3 hours and wiping it off.  No elbow grease whatsoever.  To better understand my oven situation–the caked on nastiness was thick and chunky.  It was absolutely terrible.  Being able to wipe that much gunk off, after having only let the cleaner sit for 3 hours, was utterly amazing to me.

Photo 3 is the Oven door.  The left shows after I wiped the natural oven cleaner off, while the right is the before.  This was after only one wipe! Note that you can barely even see through the right side of the door!  

The final photo is the {almost} finished product.  With a little elbow grease I was able to get my oven pretty clean–although still not perfect because it was just that bad.  I’m confident that if I were to paint on some more natural oven cleaner and let it sit that the remaining gunk would wipe right off.


A chemical-free naturally clean oven!

Natural Oven Cleaner

2-3 Tablespoons liquid soap–I used Castile, but Dish Soap would also work.
1½ cups Baking Soda
2 Tablespoons Salt
¼ cup Vinegar
Water {optional}
Essential Oil {optional}

Combine the soap, baking soda, salt and essential oil {if using} in a medium sized bowl.

Slowly add in the vinegar {it will fizz} until it forms a paste.  If it’s too thick to spread on easily with a pastry brush add in some hot water.

Cover your oven completely with your natural oven cleaner.  I found that a pastry brush made this task pretty easy.

Let it sit overnight for best results.

Wipe off.


Want to join in with us?  You can download the 14 Days to a Clean Home Plan here.

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