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by GettingFreedom on June 2, 2009

Oh how I love recipes, cookbooks, magazines with recipes, cooking/recipe blogs..the list goes on. I have far too many Simple and Delicious Magazines (used to print under the name Quick Cooking), as well random recipes scrawled out on paper, and favorited on my computer. Recipes are everywhere!

I used to have a small store bought recipe binder with pockets for every “topic” that I would place my recipes in. I found, though, that recipe cards and scrawlings were flipping out all over the place and I still could never find what I was looking for. Since I use binders for everything else, I knew that was my solution.

Right now it isn’t anything fancy, and I still have a lot of work to do on it–but I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and I love it. I’ve been slowly transferring all of my “tried and true” recipes that were once on recipe cards, over onto notebook paper so that I can just pop them in. Right now I just have them separated by categories, but I plan on having tabs and more pictures. I was hoping to have it done by now, but I’ve been pretty busy gardening. Hopefully I can have it completed by fall–just in time for my busy cooking season.

In the back I have my menu plans from the month so that when I’m needing some menu ideas, I have the previous ones for inspiration. (You can find my menu planning tips here.) Having a full page dedicated to each recipe is awesome! I can see it all right there, it’s big enough that I don’t lose it while in the middle of a cooking storm, yet small enough that it is manageable. When it decides to jump off the counter, nothing flips out–everything stays in it’s spot. So nice.

How do you store your recipes?

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