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by GettingFreedom on July 29, 2008

Well, I was really hoping that I would get to post my deals from the last few weeks…last week. If you hadn’t noticed..that didn’t happen. Last week we had VBS at church, and this weekend we had lots and lots of food flowing from our garden. Yippee!! So, my husband and I canned…a lot! :)

Anyway..I’m done school clothes shopping. Atleast for the most part..I think I will need a few more long sleeve shirts for both kids, and my son might need some new jeans, and they both need a new pair of tennis shoes. But, both of my kids had outgrown so much, I was fearful of what it was going to cost me! Amazingly enough, I got all 3 of my children tons of clothes, and shoes, for…Are you ready?! $27.00!!!!!! Go me!! And, most of them, other than 2 shirts for my youngest, were all name brand. How you ask? Well, I went yard sale-ing with my mom-in-law, and my sister-in-law. Generally, I don’t get much. I’m picky, and cheap when it comes to yard sales. My sister-in-law told me about a thrift store that she usually hits that is loaded, and cheap. I was a skeptic, I must admit. But I hit jackpot. It is close to an army base, so when the families get orders to move, apparently they get rid of most of their goods so they don’t have to move it. Best place on the planet, I’m convinced. I got my oldest a brand new pair of Redhead waterproof boots for $3.00!! Perry Ellis church shoes for $1! My daughter, who was is in dire need of bottoms of all sorts got the most. I bought her 4 pair of capris, and 3 pair of pants for a total of $7. One was Ralph Lauren, the others were Arizona, I do believe. My youngest, since he was under size 6, got off the cheapest. Everything under size 6 was 50 cents. Didn’t matter what is was. And, all the proceeds go towards a domestic violence shelter and to help the elderly. Can’t lose there. {sorry for the lack of pictures, everything is put up, and I am too lazy to dig it all out again. I can tell you, that all my goods took up 2 paper sacks crammed and overflowing, and a wal-mart sack full. AMAZING!}

I’ve also got a lot of good deals from Walgreen’s and Walmart and a local grocery store in the last however long. Agh. I’m so behind in posting.

Again, I apologize for the lack of pictures….everything is halfway tidy, I would hate to mess it all up again for a picture. So please forgive my wordy, no picture blog. I will do better next time…promise!

  • Farmland Beef Hot Dogs and Smokes Sausages .50 cents each after they were on sale 2/$4 paired w/ $2/2 grocery store Q, and a $1/2 MQ.
  • Lunchable Juniors 10/$10. Used (2) .50 IP that was doubled to $1. Making them .80 each compared to $1.97 @ Walmart. This saved me the money of taking the kids out to lunch too!! :)
  • I won’t go into full detail because that would take forever, but I bought both of my kids’ school supplies for $2 total! My daughter however just informed me that she wants a new backpack ,even though hers doesn’t look a day old, because it has Tinkerbell on it, so everyone calls her Tink. She was bawling in Wal-Mart when she told me this. How can I tell her no?! Guess I’ll go the bogo at Walgreens, since none of the ones at Walmart were very cute.
  • I bought the Crayola Markers from Walgreens for $2, and then applied for the $2 MIR. Final Price: FREE!
  • Bought 2 Pledge used a BOGO Q, and then a $1 MQ. Making them 2/3.99 and then I did the MIR for $2. Final Price: $1 ea (I was in desperate need of these!)
  • Also, Pantene Beautiful Lengths Shampoo 2/$8 , $2 MQ and then a $4 MIR. Final Price: $1 ea
  • (4) Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste on sale 1.99, $2/2 ESQ, and then (2) 1.50 MQ Final Price: .24 ea!!

I think thats all for my really stellar deals. I’m excited about this weeks deals though. I will post pics with those deals though. Promise!

This is my first time doing the rebates for Walgreens, and if you have never done them, they are SO incredibly easy! Mine went through without a hitch, and because I chose the gift card option, I will be getting back $11 (rebate amount plus 10%), instead of the $10 I would get if I requested the check. How awesome is that?!

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