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by GettingFreedom on July 19, 2010

I’ve found that many things baby have changed over the last 5 years (since I’ve had our third child).  When we were sorta preparing for Blake’s arrival, I was absolutely overwhelmed with all the baby gadgets, toys and the latest trends.

Since Blake was our 4th child, we were taking our sweet time actually purchasing things for him.  You can imagine our utter surprise when Blake arrived 7 weeks early, and we didn’t own so much as a car seat.  Let alone a sleeper.  No joke.  So in the 18 days Blake was in the hospital, we were scurrying to find and purchase baby must-haves.

Here is what we found, in no particular order.

  • Car Seat. We went pretty basic on the actual car seat, but we did make sure to get one that had a pull down shade to block out the sun, and one that was Side-Impact Tested.

  • Diapers/Wipes. Personally, I think cloth is a pretty good option.  While they may seem pricey they end up being cheaper in the end.  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out  Not only do they have diapers and wipes but other baby must-haves with super fast shipping!  Enter in the code GETFREEDOM and get 15% off of your order.
  • Receiving Blankets. They are just light enough to keep baby warm without burning them up.  Perfect for swaddling.
  • Clothes. While clothes are obviously a necessity, keep in mind that baby will grow rather fast.  A couple sleepers, outfits and onesies in each size (Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9months, etc) are plenty.
  • Bassinet/Crib.
  • Burp Cloths. While breastfed babies spit up less, they still do.  Spit up on your clothes, or theirs isn’t the latest fashion–that I know of. ;)

  • Moby Wrap. I LOVE.LOVE. LOVE my Moby!  Makes it very easy to do housework, and go grocery shopping with 3 children and a baby.  While I’ve gotten many looks and even a lecture (check out my Twitter stream for details), I’m not giving up my new love of babywearing!
  • Bouncy Seat. Not necessarily a need, but a simple seat with a toy bar is handy to sit baby in and give him something to look at and encourage play.  In our quest to find a used one for Blake we found that anymore they’ve become quite complex and over the top.
  • Tummy Time PlayMat. Again, the same is true here as with the Bouncy Seat.  Tummy time is important to help the baby learn to pick up their head and use their neck muscles–amongst many others.  Having something for them to look at and play with helps encourage this.  We are still trying to find one that is simple, but fun.  Have any recommendations for us?
  • Love/Attention. The most important thing on the list! Every babe needs love, affection and attention to thrive and develop.  What’s not to love anyway? :)

What doYOU think is a Baby Must-Have?

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