by GettingFreedom on December 1, 2008

Don’t you just love the new banner? I love December and all the winter-y decorations. I absolutely cannot believe that it is already December! The year is going to be over before we know it. Amazing.

Last week really didn’t have a lot of menus due to Thanksgiving and all. We still did pretty well on “the plan”. My husband, who is famous for concocting meals, threw dinner together one night instead of me making the Bierocks. So, they are on repeat…again! :)
Our meal total last week for a whopping 4 meals at home was $5.70. This total does not include Thanksgiving. With this included in my total is $15.60 for 5 meals (this is probably a more accurate look at things). There were a total of 33 servings (this includes leftover night as well as Thanksgiving {I only counted 5 servings for Thanksgiving although the appetizers/pie fed more than our 5}) so an average of .46/serving w/Thanksgiving or .20/serving without Thanksgiving.
Moving on to this week:
  • Baked Oatmeal
  • French Toast
  • WW Biscuits and Gravy
  • Bagels/Cr Cheese


  • SUNDAY: Tuna Patties ($1.45), Peas (.50), Depression Cake (.35) ($2.30, 5 servings {except for the cake}=.46/serving)
  • MONDAY: Bierocks.($2) Dessert. (.50) (8 servings=.31/ea)
  • TUESDAY: Chickaritos (I would guess about $5, but it makes enough for about 2 meals I was WAY wrong here! We’re looking at $7.70 for these babies! I could have used less chicken..but we liked it this well…I’m not changing it. This made about 6 1/2 servings. Ooops.), Spanish Rice (.50) $1.26 serving (OUCH!)
  • WEDNESDAY: Dinner at church
  • THURSDAY: Beef Stroganoff ($2.70), HM Bread (.40), GB (free)($3.10, 5 servings= .62/serving)
  • FRIDAY: Salsa Chicken Black Bean Soup, leftover HM bread (When I was making my menu plan for the coming 2 weeks, I wrote this in. I thought that I bookmarked where it came from…but apparently I did not! I cannot find it anywhere! So..hopefully I can find it before Friday, or we’re moving to Plan B Thanks Niki…I found it!)
  • SATURDAY: Leftovers

As I go along, if the prices change, I will come back and update in blue.

For more menu ideas, visit Menu Plan Monday.

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by GettingFreedom on November 3, 2008

**UPDATED** As I’ve made the meals, if my servings/price changed, I’ve updated it next to the meal in blue.**

Last week went off without a hitch. All the dinners menus went on just as planned. The only area in which I had a problem was breakfast…again! :) I don’t know if it is the cooler weather or what…but I’ve not wanted to get out of bed. Amazingly enough, I’ve been sleeping through my alarm clock, and waking up on my own at the “regular time”, which does not allow me enough time to cook a breakfast in the morning. Nicholas, who loves these breakfasts, is really missing it….which has kinda put him in a funk. Thankfully though, his behavior at school has remained awesome! So, if anyone has any tricks as to how I can not sleep through my alarm…let me know! :)


  • Bacon/Eggs/WW Biscuits
  • French Toast
  • Baked Oatmeal
  • Bagels
  • Cereal


  • Barley Chicken Chilli (8 servings @ .34 =$2.75)
  • Shepard’s Pie. WW Biscuits.(10 servings @ .35 = $3.50)
  • Baked Potato Soup w/bacon. HM Bread. (8 servings @ .31= $2.50)
  • Dinner at Church Wednesday Night.
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken. Fried Rice. Egg Rolls (homemade from the freezer). (8 servings @ .59=$4.75)
  • Ribs. Baked Beans. Corn on the Cob. (8 servings @ $.98=$7.86)
  • Leftovers

I’ve included a rough estimate of what my meals cost per serving. I’ve done this alot in my own head for about the past year or so..but I’ve never actually tracked it. I’m hoping that with this I can gauge my average price per serving, and this in turn will help me plan my menus by budget friendliness, and maybe I can lower my budget..again. :) I’ve went from memory on how many servings we’ve had in the past, so I’ll let you know how well I did in gauging that.

For more menu ideas visit Organizing Junkie!

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by GettingFreedom on October 6, 2008

Well, for the most part we stuck to our plan last week. I’m surprised to be honest! Willie was gone a few nights last week, but I still managed to cook our planned meal. This week we really don’t have a whole lot going on, so hopefully we will be able to stick to it again.


  • Whole Wheat Biscuits and Gravy
  • Waffles
  • Scrambled Eggs Sausage
  • Baked Oatmeal


  • Lentil Brown Rice Casserole
  • Jambalya
  • Lasagna. Green Beans. Homemeade French Bread.
  • Frito Pie. Fresh Fruit.
  • Fish on the River!
  • Leftovers. (Actually hoping to have extra chilli for a baked potato bar type thing! Thanks Hayley! )
  • Homemade Pizza.

Our plans are still somewhat up in the air for the weekend, which is one reason I have leftovers on the menu for this week (these meals really don’t make a whole lot of leftovers..basically enough for DH to take for lunch). We actually may be gone and I didn’t want to plan/buy for another meal since I was already tight on the budget last week. So, we will make do. I’m sure we won’t starve! :)

It is gigging season around these parts, hence the fresh fish on the river! Let me tell ya, I never ever ever liked fish until my husband forced me to eat it. Haha. Literally our first date (which was a blind date) was first trip, ever. Now, I LOVE it!!!! There is nothing like it. And, nothing beats frying up your catch, amongst fried potatoes, and whop biscuits (yeah, didn’t know what that was either…basically, a donut) right there on the river, next to a bonfire because it gets cold. The best time to go is in the dead of winter because the fish are so cold that they don’t move very fast. I can’t get the fast ones. My husband, and I, along with Nicholas got to go giggin’ last night. Proud to say that I got about 10 suckers. Literally, they are suckers (fish that is!). It was so nice and peaceful. Loved it.

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would doing what I am doing today, I would have laughed in your face. I never would’ve imagined myself being so “countrified” but I wouldn’t have any other way. Guess you could call me a Domesticated Countrified Diva….and lovin’ it! :)

Oh, and for more menu plans, go on over to Organizing Junkie.

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by GettingFreedom on September 1, 2008

Last week I though everything went as planned until I looked back through. I just realized that I never made the beef stroganoff!!! We also opted to stay home this weekend! It has been quite sometime since we’ve decided to not run around on the weekends. It was nice!
I was excited to try the Brown Rice and Lentil casserole, but I truly wondered how my meat loving husband would react to it. Amazingly, he didn’t even know there wasn’t meat in it, until I told him. And, he loved it and was impressed that it was basically just beans rice and cheese! I will probably add this into our rotation somehow….I haven’t fine tuned that yet.
My breakfast making is getting more regular. It’s kinda crazy. I never had a desire to make breakfast because I never eat it. How selfish is that?! But, this is something that I have really been trying to work on.
So, onto the menu!
  • Parmesan Crusted Chicken. Asparagus. Coat Boneless, skinless chicken in a mixture of crushed Ritz Crackers and grated Parm cheese by wetting the chicken in water first. Then cook on stove top in oil. Remove from pan. Mix 1/2 cup broth and 1/3 cup Chive and Onion cream cheese in same skillet. Cook until mixture boils stirring constantly. Serve over rice cooked with remaining broth. Spoon sauce over chicken and asparagus.
  • Sausage Tomato Rigatoni. Unsure of the side! The secret ingredient in this dish is Sun Dried Tomato vinaigarette. Use about 4 cups of pasta. Cook. Brown italian sausage (about 1 lb cut into chunks). Drain and mix in some chopped onion ,tomato paste and cover. Cook about 15 mins. Stir in 1/3 cup of vinaigerette. Toss mixture with pasta and sprinkle with parsley and grated parm and shredded mozzerella.
  • Warm Layered Sandwich. Salad. Homemade french-like bread stuffed with Salami, ham, turkey, mozzerella and colby jack cheese. Some onion. And for the sauce we use honey mustard. Wrap on foil bake @450 for 12-15 mins. Add Romaine lettuce just before serving.
  • Chunky White Bean and Tomato Soup. Grilled Cheese. A soup with bacon, onion, chick broth, Northern Beans, diced toms, thyme and cumin. Throw in a pot and simmer for about 1o minutes. If you want a thicker soup, mash some of the beans with a potato masher.
  • Beef Strogonoff. Homemade Rolls and peas from last week.
  • Cashew Chicken. Fried Rice and Homemade Egg Rolls. I will share this recipe on Friday. It’s so easy and tons cheaper than take out!
  • We are going out to Pizza for my son’s 8th birthday! Wow.

For breakfasts:

Sausage/Egg Cheese English Muffins


Blueberry Bagles

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Baked Oatmeal

For more menu ideas, hop on over to Organizing Junkie.

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by GettingFreedom on August 18, 2008

Wow. I’ve been gone from MPM for quite sometime. I have still planned them, somewhat, but we have been freakishly busy with the start of school, and finishing a remodel project from the first of the year. Thank goodness it is almost complete!!

I will post pictures of my new laundry room when it is done….it sure is looking awesome!

So, here is my menu for the upcoming week. I’ve got a lot of newbies so I will post the recipes/links.

This time I am not actually going to post days with my menus, because for one reason or another, it never works out the way I planned it. Instead, I will just have menus to pick from daily.

*Pot Roast~ I do mine in the crockpot, throw in potatoes and carrots, sometimes celery. I add onion soup mix, brown gravy mix and water. I also dash it with peppper. Salad. Homemade Bread.

*Bierocks. I came across this on Grocery Cart Challenge. Gayle has a lot of frugal/yummy sounding recipes. I’ve nabbed a lot from her this week! Go check her out. I will also serve this with salad.

*King’s Surprise. To most people this is known as Goulash, but not me. Growing up Mom did most of the cooking. Not this dish. Dad made it, because he added a special/secret ingredient and he had that special touch to make it that much better….I’ve not made it since my dad passed..but I think it is time. Love ya, Dad!

*Broccoli Chicken Casserole. Basically this is what I am doing: Diced/cooked chicken, broccoli, cream of mushroom soup with about 1/2 to 1 cup of milk added, cheddar cheese, cooked egg noodles or pasta of choice, pepper, paprika and basil. Throw it all in a casserole dish. Bake.

*Crockpot Chicken. Mashed Potatoes. Homemade bread. For the chicken, I’m just using the frozen/bagged boneless skinless chicken breasts, 1 tsp soy sauce, jar of turkey gravy, seasoned salt and throwing it in the crockpot. This will work great for Wednesday’s meal because my son has a doctor appointment after school so there won’t be much time to get a meal done.

*Chickaritos. These sound divine!! This is a new one for us and I’m really looking forward to them with homemade guacamole and salsa.

*Tuna Salad served in Pita Bread with fruit salad.

Also, I’m really getting into this breakfast thing! Go me! Hopefully I will get better at bulk cooking so that I can cook and freeze a lot of random breakfasts to shave off some time in the morning.

Here is what I have in mind for the upcoming week:

*French Toast Bake. No pecans though.

*Chocolate Chip Muffins (I want to make a load of them, and freeze ‘em)

*Egg, ham, hashbrown casserole.


For more menu planning ideas, be sure to hop on over to Organizing Junkie.

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by GettingFreedom on July 7, 2008

Well, it is that time again. Having just recently gotten back into menu planning, I have no idea how we made it without it! Especially in the summer. This summer has been the craziest of all summers it seems. I thought maybe it was just us that felt that way, but I’ve heard a lot of other families say the same. What is it?! Anyway, here is our menu plan for this week:

Monday: Beef in Gravy, Hawaiin Dinner Rolls (we will omit the coconut..DD hates it!), and carrots.

Tuesday: Herbed Pork Medallions, vinaigerette vegtables

Wednesday: Bruschetta Chicken and Salad

Thursday: Hamburgers with Mushroom Gravy, mashed potatoes, pepper pea salad

Friday: Chilli Sauce Chicken, black bean salad, Cream Cheese Pineapple pie

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Pasta Carbonara (we have yet to make this dish..not really sure why!)

AND…Amazingly enough, I found myself actually making a breakfast for my family this past week. That NEVER happens…for it to have happened 2 times last week is an absolute miracle!! But, I enjoyed it and so did they. I’m not a big breakfast person, and the smell of bacon/sausage in the morning makes me a bit nauseous. This is why generally my cooking doesn’t venture to the breakfast side of things. But…I found a baked oatmeal recipe my family loves! If anyone has anymore breakfast recipes to share…pass ‘em on. This is my new adventure!

For more menu ideas, hop on over to Organizing Junkie!

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by GettingFreedom on June 30, 2008

Generally when I make my menu plan, I make it for 2 weeks because that is how I grocery shop. I only posted one weeks worth of menus last week and I actually stuck to it better than I thought I would. My mom and dad-in law came for an unplanned visit this weekend and at their request I made the Sweet & Sour Chicken for them. Even though we technically ate it last week…I posted it for this week because that was the original I HAD to share the recipe. We love it! This was the first time I doubled it (well..kinda..I’m a guesser, not a measure-er) and it was still fantastic and easy. Okay..on to the menu…

Monday: Spaghetti/garlic bread, green beans, and fruit

Tuesday: Sweet & Sour Chicken w/fried rice (this is so quick and easy to double for bigger groups)

Wednesday: Shepards Pie

Thursday: My Birthday!! No meal planned.

Friday: Brats and Saurkraut

Saturday: Chicken/Vegetable Pasta Salad and Watermelon

Sunday: Tuna Casserole (we didn’t eat this last week…so I moved it here)

Organizing Junkie is still unplugged (gasp!) so this week for more menu ideas jump on over to Heavenly Homemaker.

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