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by GettingFreedom on March 27, 2012

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t deal with stressful situations in a normal manner.  Mentally, if I forget about them–then they shouldn’t be real, right?

Weeks ago I fully intended on writing a post explaining everything I was going through.  But then I realized that if I were to write about it–I would beadmitting that the situation was really going on.   And I wasn’t quite ready for that. Which somehow is different than just dealing with it head on, which I was doing?  Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense really.

So what’s this situation that I speak of?

My mom and dad’s estate.  It’s been in probate, which I admittedly know very little about.  If it weren’t for my best friends Swagbucks and Google, I’d know nothing at all!

Quick Run Down

Initially we were told that the bank would not foreclose on a deceased person’s estate until after probate was over.  I accepted that {happily} and we went about our other business.  Paying my own mortgage and hers would be close to impossible on our income.  We are unable to sell her home until we recieve the order from the court–so we were waiting.

My mother still owned two rental homes when she passed, they were both lumped on one loan together.  Before she got really sick she was trying to get the bank to take them back because they were nothing more than a burden–and even after years of trying to sell them, she wasn’t getting anywhere.  We found out in February that we would be able to file abandonment papers with the court to basically make them disappear from the estate.  We were elated.

Until a week later when I received paperwork that the bank was foreclosing on my mother’s residence in addition to the rentals.  Do what?!  A quick phone call to my lawyer, and short apology later, he admitted that he was wrong on the laws and you can foreclose on a deceased person’s estate 6 months after their death.

We just hit that mark.

Along with the entire grieving process {which has been utterly painful} I was stabbed in the chest by the very thought that my parents home was going straight to the bank.

My parents basically built it.  Alone. {Addition after addition}

They were married there.

I grew up in that house {as did my brother}.

I was married in the back yard.  A dream that my father had.

And now the bank was going to rip it from us because the owners tragically died?!  Ugh.

After many conversations with my brother, and lots of wavering and what-ifs–we gave up.  For two weeks.

The mere thought of losing everything that my dad had ever worked for was keeping me up at night.  It was not sitting well with me and I had to rethink things.

Many more phone calls took place, and with the help of my uncle–the bank will  not take my parents home!  Last week I frantically plugged numbers, ran situations over in my head, played with my kids {after all it was Spring Break!}, and prepared for yesterday.

The Bank Meeting.

I held my own.  Told them we weren’t letting it go back.  I negotiated the ridiculous foreclosure fees {I got them down $500!  Whoot!}.  And walked away relieved, yet crushed that this was the situation.

It’s not easy being 29 and dealing with your parents estate.  I’m reminded why we’re trying to get rid of this debt.  I do not want my children to ever go through what we are going through with my parent’s estate.

Scripture doesn’t lie! Proverbs 22:7, “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave of the lender.” How true that is!


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