Menu’s for 1/11-1/17

by GettingFreedom on January 12, 2009

Last week went really well, other than breakfast! Oh man, I’m seriously lacking in this area. I hoping that my main issue was that last week was the first week back after Christmas break. So, here is to hoping that this week will be better!


  • Pancakes. HM Vanilla Syrup.
  • Baked Oatmeal
  • Bagels/Cream Cheese
  • Cereal


  • Sunday: Salmon Patties. ($2.60) Cornbread Salad. ($1 ish)($3.60)(6 servings= .60/ea)
  • Monday: Beef & Noodles w/veggies ($3.00) Biscuits.(.40)($3.40)(6 servings=.57/ea)
  • Tuesday: Green Pepper Soup from the freezer. (Free!) HM bread. (.40)(5 servings=.08/ea)
  • Wednesday: Huntington Chicken. ($5.00) Steamed Broccolli. (.99) HM Bread. (.40) Birthday Cake for DH. (I haven’t fuly decided, but I’m leaning towards his favorite pie which is lemon meringue. That will be expensive, about $2) ($8.40)(5 servings=$1.68) Ouch! Yet, it is cheaper than eating out! :)
  • Thursday: Ham Balls. ($2.00) Rice. (.25) Green Beans (free!)($2.25)(5 servings=.45/ea)
  • Friday:Black Bean Soup. ($1) Whole Wheat Biscuits. (.40)($1.40)(5 servings=.28/ea)
  • Saturday: Leftovers (Free!)

Total Dinner Costs: $19.45 for 7 meals. 37 servings for an average serving price of .53.

Since Wednesday’s meal costs a lot more than normal, to average out my total price (as well as my serving price) I put in some cheaper meals and some leftover freezer meals. This is one of the main reasons I started paying more attention to my meal prices. If I were to make meals like the Huntington Chicken everynight, we would definitely break the budget!

If my serving sizes or anything else changes throughout the week, I will come back and update in blue.

For more inspiring meals, hop on over to Menu Plan Monday.

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