Menu Plan Week of 3/29-4/4

by GettingFreedom on March 30, 2009

Last week’s plan went pretty well, but there were a couple of hiccups come the weekend. An old high school friend from the hometown called Friday evening and invited us out to dinner in a town that is the midpoint for us both. We haven’t done this in quite sometime, so I jumped on the opportunity. I already had the Cavatini out of the freezer, though so we had it Saturday night for dinner instead of the soup. I’m beginning to wonder if we will ever eat that soup!

For this week’s menu, I’m going to go ahead and include the snacks/desserts that I plan to make as well as a rough breakfast plan. Hopefully I will keep it up and do this every week, with a price breakdown–in hopes that this will give me a better look into my grocery budget.


  • Oatmeal. Egg Whites. Fruit.
  • Smoothies. ½ of a bagel.
  • Cheerios w/strawberries.


  • Sunday: Leftover Makeover. (No cost)
  • Monday: Bierocks. ($2) Salad. (.50)(8 servings=.31/ea)
  • Tuesday: Shredded Chicken Burritos w/lettuce. (I’m still using chicken from the crockpot chicken–$1.85) HM Spanish Rice (.25) Refried beans (attempting to make my own) (.50)($2.60)(5 servings=.52/ea).
  • Wednesday: Dinner at church. (No cost)
  • Thursday: Chunky White Bean and Tomato Soup. HM French Bread. ($2-ish)(8 servings=.25/ea) (from last week)
  • Friday: Tuna Cauliflower Bake. ($2.75) Salad. (.50)(3.25)(6 servings=.54/ea)
  • Saturday: Free for All.


Total Cost for Dinners: $10.35 Average Price per serving: .37/ea

Do you have any snack recipes to share?

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