Menu Plan Week of 3/22-3/28

by GettingFreedom on March 23, 2009

Last week there were 2 meals that we ended up not having. Come Wednesday, after being outside gardening and considering how hot it actually was, we axed the soup and went with a grilled chicken salad instead. So incredibly delish! Also, Saturday night it was planned for us to have Chicken Pot Pie, but when we got home from our hometown I really didn’t feel like making pie crust, so we went with a re-vamp of leftovers. So, there are some repeats.


Oatmeal. Egg Whites. Apples.

Cheerios. Apple.


Sunday: Grilled Chicken. ($3) Mixed Vegetables. ($1) Fresh Fruit. ($2)($6)(5 servings=$1.20)

Monday: Chicken Pot Pie (using some of the leftover chicken from last week). ($1.85) Salad. (.50)($2.35)(8 servings=.23/ea)

Tuesday: Turkey Burgers on Homemade WW Hamburger Buns. ($2.50) Fruit Salad. ($1.50) Green Salad. (.50)($4.50)(5 servings=.90/ea)

Wednesday: Tuna Patties. ($1.65) Veggies. (.50) Green Salad. (.50)($2.65)(5 servings=.53/serving)

Thursday: Black Bean and Chicken Tostadas w/lettuce and sour cream. ($2-ish) HM Spanish Rice. (.30)(Lets say $2.50)(5 servings=.50/ea)

Friday: Cavatini (from freezer). (No cost) HM Bread Sticks. (.40) Veggies. ($1)($1.40)(5 servings=.28/ea)

Saturday: Chunky White Bean Tomato Soup. HM French Bread ($2-ish)(8 servings=.25/ea)


Want to kow what everyone else is eating this week? Visit Menu Plan Monday.

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