Menu Plan Week of 4/19-4/25

by GettingFreedom on April 19, 2009

Last week ended up being a pretty tasty week–I love it when that happens! :) Friday night we made a journey to the city, again. This time was to actually pick up furniture that we found on Craigslist. So glad we waited, because we scored a deal and a half! But, because we were in the city, I shifted Friday’s meal to Saturday. We’ll have Saturday’s meal later this week.
And, I got a lot of questions about the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Since I have officially tried it, I can say this: It is AWESOME! I went ahead and made a Barbecue Chicken Pizza as well, because I was afraid the Buffalo Chicken would be too spicy-but it wasn’t. It was hard to decide which one was better!
  • Oatmeal. Egg White. Pear.
  • Granola Bar. Smoothie.
  • Egg Substitute. Toast. (I found egg substitutes at the discount grocery store for next to nothing. We’ve never had them, and I really don’t know how they will go over!)


  • Sunday: Roast. ($4.50) Potatoes and Carrots.(.50) Whole Wheat Biscuits.(.40)$5.40)(6 servings=.90/ea)
  • Monday: Tuna Patties. ($1.75) Steamed Veggies. (.50) Salad.(.50)($3.75)(5 servings=.75 ea) I’m going to attempt to use bread crumbs from the failed oat bread.
  • Tuesday: Meatball Stroganoff. ($2.60) Vegetables. (.50) Leftover Biscuits.($3.10)(8 servings=.39/ea)
  • Wednesday: Roast Beef Burritos w/lettuce and sour cream on HM Tortillas.($4.50) HM Spanish Rice.(.35) HM Refried Beans. (.50)($5.35)(8 servings=.67/ea)
  • Thursday: Free for All.
  • Friday: Baked Fish. ($4) Brown Rice.(.25) Salad. (.50)($4.75)(5 servings=.95/ea)
  • Saturday: We’ll be in the hometown.

Total Cost of Dinners: $22.35 Average Cost Per Serving: .70/ea

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