Menu Plan 12/14-12/20

by GettingFreedom on December 15, 2008

Well, last week was all good…until Thursday. I forgot to put the Chicken in the crockpot and we had a Christmas program to go, we went out to eat. Agh. Budget Buster #1. So, Friday I made the chicken, but my way, not crockpot style. Saturday we went to the city and returned some boots my husband bought back in October, that decided to fall apart! They really don’t make things like they used to. While we were there, I was dying for a good lunch, not greasy, icky fast food. Something that we could sit down and enjoy. Budget Buster #2. We did enjoy it, and we enough leftovers that we just ate them for dinner when we finally made it home. Honestly though, I’m scared to look at the budget. The craziness of the holiday season has gotten to us. I’ll give a report later on that.

Our final tally for dinners last week, including our eat out on Thursday was $38.35! Agh! 40 total servings, so an average of .96/each.

This week looks a little like this:


  • Baked Oatmeal
  • Sausage/Eggs
  • Bacon/Eggs
  • Pancakes


  • Sunday: Chilli Dinner at Church. ($6 but it was a HUGE pot. Plenty for 2 more meals.)
  • Monday: Baked Potato Bar w/Chilli. ($1.50. 5 servings. .30/ea)
  • Tuesday: Chicken Rice Burritos. ($2.50. 5 servings. .50/ea)
  • Wednesday: Spagehetti. ($3) Green Beans (from garden) HM French Bread (.40) ($3.40. 5 servings. .68/ea)
  • Thursday: Sausage and Potatoes ($4. 6 servings. .67/ea)
  • Friday: Green Pepper Soup. ($1.75) My prices vary from hers and I’m using my own diced tomatoes and tomato sauce from our garden, and I’m omitting the sweet potatoes. (5 servings. .35/ea)
  • Saturday: Leftovers.

Total Cost: $18.75

As I go along, if the prices change, I will come back and update in blue.

For more menu ideas, visit Menu Plan Monday.

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